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Virat gives minister Pandey Shaurya’s missing file and says murdered boy is Bhavri’s bahu’s relative. Pandey says he was having business rivalry with Bhavri, now it will be family rivalry. Virat says even he will benefit it from it. Pandey asks how will he. Virat says he will get Shraddha. Pandey says now he will teach master and Bhavri a lesson and asks Virat not to forget his work in Shraddha’s love. Virat says he came for his work and tells his plan. Pandey says he is genius. Virat says he will not make any mistake this time and they both will win.

Sher tells mama and bhavri that Vikas and Sunehri are in love and he should get them married. Mama says he will get accept dancer as his bahu. Sher says his son is not a collector, but a goon. Maama says whatever

it is, he will not accept Sunehri as bahu and asks Bhavri to speak. Bhavri says if he throws dirt on someone, even it will spill on him. Mama leaves angrily behind Bhavri. Sher hugs Vikas and congratulates him. Sunehri touches Sher’s feet and says he is her god. Shraddha smiles and tries to leave. Sher says Vikas he is very lucky to get a girl who loves him so much and suggests him to lose her as he may not get it agai. Shraddha silently hears his words.

Shraddha enters her room and sees Sher appling oil on his body. He asks her to knock door before coming. She says door was open. She asks if she means he kept door open purposefully. He then asks her to tell what she wants to say. She asks if he was taunting her downstairs. He says very good, she has brain behind her bindi. He continues speaking. She says she wants to tell her mind. He says clap cannot happen with one hand and she has to open her heart to listen his heart.

Vikas looks at jewelry and smiles. Maama enters and says dancer wants jewelry and money from him. Vikas says she is Sunehri and is not expecting anything from him, but he is giving it with his wish. Maama says she is a dancer and will get more money than this. Vikas says if she prefers money instead of him, he will shoot her, but if she prefers him, he should dance in his marriage.

Virat gets his officer’s call who tells Sher goes to meet Saurav often. He asks how did he get to know about Saurav. Officer says he does not know anything and he just informed so that he can plan something.

Maam waits with money for Sunehri. Vikas hides behind tree. Sunehri comes. Maama gives her money and asks her to get out of her son’s life. Sunehri looks at money and picks money bundle. Vikas points gun at her from behind. Sunehri says she does not need money and selected Vikas for his love. She says if he does not want her marry his son forcefully, she will not as relationship cannot happen with force. Once she leaves, Vikas happily fires in air.

Shraddha keeps Sher’s clothes once he comes from bath. He asks her not to become his amma and asks her to keep his clothes back and leaves. Shraddha keeps clothes back and cleans floor. Sher gets a call. She tries to pick it when Sher comes and snatches phone from her. He picks it and Saurabh’s mom pleads him to save her from goons who are outside to kill them. Sher rushes and clashes with Shraddha, but continues ignoring her. He gets into jeep and leaves with Sumer.

Shraddha cleans herself. Virat comes there and stares at her. Shraddha notices him.

Precap: No precap today.

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