Piya Rangrezz 1st January 2016 Written Episode Update


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Bhavri reminisces Munmun’s words that Arjun is in love with Aradhya. Mama comes and says Munmun was joking. She says she told truth. Mama says she was pulling her brother’s legs. She says it is bitter truth. She freed Aradhya as she saw pink air in this house. She cries reminiscing Sher and says he fell in love and did not live peacefully for even a single day. Mama asks not to reminisce those memories. Bhavri says Shamsher is strong, but Arjun is very soft and innocent and if Aradhya traps him, he will fall easily. She does not want them to unite. Mama says everything is not in our hands, when vishwamitra was not spared, then who is Arjun and Shamsher. She says then she will kill that laundiya/Aradhya.

Aradhya opens her cupboard and sees alcohol bottles. She calls

servant and asks what is all this. Servant says boss kept them as she was not here for a week. Aradhya says her dad thought she will not return and did not want her to return. She asks servant to tell her boss that unfortunately she came back and shouts to remove them. Servant keeps bottles on bed. She picks bottle and reminisces Arjun throwing alcohol and Bhavri telling Arjun is a casanova. She says he was acting in front of her. Servant asks what? She shouts to take them away.

Tilakraj gets his sister’s call and says Arjun is very handsome and if he was not Bhavri’s grandson, he would have made him his son-in-law. She says she stole Aradhya’s phone with great difficulty. He asks to send love messages to Arjun from Aradhya’s phone.

Arjun leaving over bed reminisces Aradhya and smiles. He gets her SMS and thinks she is very fast forward and messaged while he was still thinking. He calls. Tilakraj’s sister sees call and informs him that Arjun called already. He asks her to let phone ring and let him wait and get eager. He smirks and murmurs that Bhavri’s Arjun is trapped now. Arjun calls again. Aunt disconnects. Arjun thinks Aji amma is right, women are untrustable.

Shamsher does pushups and Manchala counts. Arjun comes and says he will also exercise with bhai. Manchala says bhaiyaji already did two 50 reps. Arjun starts doing pushups with Shamsher. Munmun comes and asks servant to sell ring and get her slippers. Both Shamsher and Arjun at once ask from where did she get it. Munmun says it is Aradhya’s. Arjun says he will return it. Bhavri comes and asks what is happening. Arjun says guest left her ring and he is thinking of returning it. Bhavri says she was not guest and was hostage and nobody will take her name from hereon. She orders servant to give this ring to beggar. Arjun and Munmun walk out angrily.

Bhavri asks Shamsher to restart. He angrily starts situps. She says if he is angry, he should go out and vent out his anger on someone. He leaves. She thinks she knows him, but is worried about Arjun.

Servant gets into Arjun’s room via window and gives him Aradhya’s ring. Arjun asks if he did not give it to poor. Servant says he saw his sad face, so he came to give it to him. Arjun gives his ring and asks to give it to poor. Servant asks what about him. Arjun gives him money and asks to enjoy. Servant blesses him happily and leaves. Arjun looks at ring smilingly.

Shamsher rides his bullet and sees 2 men following him. He stops bike, takes out his gun and asks who sent them. Men say they brought message from Aradhya. Shamsher takes it and smiles.

Sister tells Tilakraj that Shamsher should not kill their men. Tilakraj says let them die.

Shamsher reads letter in front of mama and Bhavri and fumes. Mama reads letter degrading Shamsher.

Precap: Bhavri angrily looks at Aradhya’s ring. Mama says this ring made her restless. She asks not to inform about this to Shamsher and Arjun. He asks what to do next. She says she knows what to do.

Update Credit to: MA

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  3. ekdum bagvaas serial
    now I hate piya rangrezz
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  5. Stop this show ????

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