Piya Rangrezz 19th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Piya Rangrezz 19th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhavri shouts at Shamsher that her grandson never used to doubt her and new pointed finger against her because of laundiya/Aradhya. Shamsher says Aradhya is her grandson’s wife and she should call her Aradya respectfully. Bhavri continues shouting. Munna says it is jiji’s style and she can call anyone with any name. Shamsher says she and everyone has to change. Bhavri leaves yelling. Munna says Aradhya is a good girl and he brought her to his house even after jiji’s opposition. Shamsher thanks him and says he realized Aradhya’s value late and will correct his mistakes. Once he leaves, Munna thinks Shamsher is kind hearted but will fall flat on his face, let us see what drama unveils next, where Arjun must be now.

Arjun goes to a room where he shot Tilakraj

and reminisces the incident. He sees red light and traces it to a CCTV camera. He goes out to find out recording room.

Shamsher thinks Arjun is close to Munna and will call him, he will asks Munna to inform him once Arjun tells where he is.

Arjun reaches recording room and sees whole house on monitor. He calls Munna and says he is hiding in Aradhya’s father’s house. Munna asks him to stay there as Shamsher is searching him. Arjun says he will get Aradhya at any cost. Shamsher comes and takes phone and asks him to back off. Arjun says he forcefully married Aradhya and should have to leave her. Shamsher says he is already married to her and will not leave her in this life. He then looks at Munna. Munna thinks what if he knows he provoked Arjun. Shamsher leaves.

Anjali dresses Aradhya’s leg wounds and says for the first time, Shamsher took her side. Aradhya says she proved herself innocent but is worried that Arjun may harm Shamsher. Shamsher enters and says nothing will happen to him. Anjali leaves. Shamsher finishes bandage and says she is a very nice girl. She looks at his face smilingly. He apologizes her for all his mistakes before and says they don’t have good words left. He says words are not needed for some emotions, once things get normal they will understand each other. He asks how she manages even after being hurt many times. He says sorry again. She holds his mouth and says she knows what he is feeling, so no need to say sorry. He holds her hand and says he hurt her a lot. She looks at his pic and says there is no room for sorry between them. She says she used to complain these pics. He stands behind her. She says since they are married, she would have died if she had thought about someone else. He says he realized his mistake after a long time and says one more sorry. She gets emotional. He clears hair from her face. She closes eyes. He reminisces she telling that she loves only him. He goes near her lips to kiss, but backs off. She holds his hand and says I love you. Servant calls him just then and spoils their romantic moments. She smiles.

Munna enters Tilakraj’s house and sees chair where he was shot and thinks if he had not died, all mishap would not have happened. Arjun sees previous recording and hears Veer confessing that he killed Manohar and blamed Shamsher wrongly and provoked Munna against Bhavri and Shamsher.

Precap: Shamsher and Aradhya’s romance starts. They both consummate their marriage.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. nYz….

  2. Lovely episode……

  3. Nice episode????

  4. Fantastic episode ?????

  5. Realy is a great episode

  6. the episodes is awesome.but i have wait for the next epi till monday.

  7. Masooma Mirza

    Serial is going gud but i dont get that how an devil can change in one day !! I mean at night shamsher wants aradhya out of the house next day romance haha ?? !!shamsher always says that she is daughter of a devil n all !! REDICULOUS But why god do this with me when i like the serial too much it always going to end soon .. ??

    1. Hi Masooma!☺
      Actually shamsher was having feelings for aaradhya but was not expressing them bcz bhavri was showing him that aaradhya love arjun which was making him jealous and when aaradhya expressed her love for him he realized that he love her.?
      Hope u understand.???

  8. Masooma Mirza

    Hello nanhi thnku soo much dear ?? actually i was confused that shamsher respect her ajiamma soo much but next day he misbihaves too ?? He only beats arjun for misbehaving ?? THIS HAPPENS IN SERIALS ONLY LOL … ?? . so i want to say u that piya rangrezz is gonna end so they want shamya together so they are moving on fast .. HOPE U UMDERSTAND ?? once again thnks

    1. I know it’s going off air next week but on Monday piya rangrezz is again gonna telecast on “starutsav” from starting Monday_Saturday (9:30pm) ??

    2. Yeah I know it as the show is gonna end this week they were not having much time that’s y they r moving on fast.☺?

      1. Masooma Mirza

        Yeah i will miss the show ???

      2. Masooma Mirza

        Did u see tommorrow episode ?? I havent seen yet ?

      3. due to bahu hamari rajni Kant’s Maharashtra episode piya rangrezz is not seen….. 🙁

    3. Masooma Mirza

      Ohh thnks Aysha for the info….

      1. wels …..:-) 🙂 🙂

  9. Lovely episode <3 :*

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