Piya Rangrezz 19th January 2016 Written Episode Update


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Veer arrests Tilakraj for selling fake liquor and murmurs in his ears that it is Bhavri Devi’s counter attack. Aradhya interferes and says when her father does not like mixing soda in his drinks and drinks eat, why will he sell fake liquor. He should find out who is trying to trap him. He asks who. She says it is his duty to find out. He says he can understand her emotions but will have to arrest Tilakraj and takes him from there handcuffed.

Mama and Munmun wait outside Bhavri’s room and discuss that she is very tensed and only Shamsher can open door if he gets good news. Shamsher rushes into Bhavri’s room and says he got her good news. Mama tells to speak. He says first he needs calcutta paan. She gives him paan and says she knew it before, so she prepared it

beforehand. He bites her pan and eats remaining and asks to say please. Munmun says please. He says Tilakraj is arrested and even his liquor contract is canceled. Bhavri says she was eager to hear this news since a long time and orders to arrange celebrations and even call Veer.

Shamsher calls Aradhya from outside her hospital and she resists at first but goes and meets him. He taunts her that her father is behind bars now and she does not have money to even open a roadside clinic, if she requests, his aji amma will charity her some land. She fumes and says she is qualified doc and does not need help. He says she has only one patient Arjun and leaves warning him to stay away from him.

Celebrations start at Bhavri’s haveli with mama, Sher, Munmun and other dancing and shooting bullets in air. Bhavri sees Arjun sittting silently and asks him to enjoy. Munmun says Bhavri will sing for them. Anjali badly sings nasheeli hai raat. Everyone taunt her. Shamsher forces her to practice target with bottle on servant’s head and she runs after shooting bottle.

Veer praises Bhavri that she played a nice game and finished her servant, he should learn from her. She says she does not tolerate nonsence and when she did not like her husband, why will she anybody. Mama stops her. Bhavri says he speaks so sweet. He starts buttering her and thinks this oldie likes sweet, but he likes challenges. He asks where is Arjun. Munmun says he is in his room and does not like unncessary sound. Veer says he will bring him and walks towards Arjun’s room. Mama tells Bhavri that boy is intelligent. Bhavri says she doubts even herself twice before trusting herself. Mama says she is right.

Veer enters Arjun’s room with alcohol and says it is time to celebrate. Arjun says he does not drink and is tired now, so he wants to sleep. Veer asks if he is in Aradhya’s love, etc. Arjun says he cannot ask personal questions and says he made him more tired, so he wants to sleep. Veer walks towards door telling shayari. Arjun says it is good and tries to close door with goodnight. Veer says he cannot hide his love for Aradhya. Arjun says let him sleep now and closes door and starts thinking about Veer’s weird behavior.

Veer goes to his room and does not find his mom on chair. He searches whole house and finds her sitting on floor and says he gets afraid not seeing her on chair. She says she gets tensed seeing not finding him at home. He says he is on a mission and has to give time. He then tells he got a girl who is trump card. She says girls are dangerous and he should stay away. He says girl is just his trump card and if not she, he will find another. He will kill Bhavri for sure and will let his mom rule over Bhavri’s haveli.

Precap: Arjun proposes Aradhya.

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  1. Nice episode but that aradha father ,veer Singh and his mum is very irritating
    I hope these villon story gonna finish quickly
    I wish the director gonna bring kirtida mistry for shamshare Singh .
    Please please please complete our wish and request ?

  2. I wish kirtida comeback soon

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