Piya Rangrezz 19th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Piya Rangrezz 19th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhavri and whole family hear Chanda yelling at Bhavri. They all hear voice from a room and try to open it. Bhavri orders her guards to break door. They break door. Bhavri sees tape recorder with speaker near window and something burning on table and shouts at guards that they are fit for nothing and orders to increase security at doors and windows and inform her even if air enters.

Arjun meets Aradhya and says Aji amma will not agree for the marriage on time after all these incidents. Aradhya says aji amma loves him a lot and respects his feelings, so if he explains the reason, she will agree for marriage.

Munna calls Tilakraj and asks if he is behind Chanda. Tilakraj says he is hearing about Chanda’s yesterday night incident from him and says he is getting his daughter

married to Arjun, then why will he play tricks. Mama orders him to kill Shamsher before Manohar’s ashes are immersed in ganga. Munmun hears that and asks what is he telling. Tilakraj badmouths about Chanda in front of Veer. Veer strangulates his neck and beats him and says Chanda is his mother and he is taking his mom’s revenge from Bhavri’s family. Tilakraj then strangulates Veer and says he was acting friendly all this while to take his revenge. Veer says their enemy is same, so they should befriend and kill their enemy and says he will kill Shamsher soon. Tilakraj asks if Aradhya and Arjun will be spared. Veer says he will kill Shamsher soon and since Aradhya is marrying Arjun, he will spare Arjun.

Bhavri in her room cries looking at Manohar’s pic. Arjun comes and says he wants to marry Aradhya on fixed date. Bhavri says Manohar’s ashes are not yet immersed and he wants to marry. Arjun says Aradhya is a nice girl and Tilakraj has agreed for marriage even after all this. He starts emotional atyachar.. Shamsher enters and asks how can he think of marrying laundiya/Aradhya even after all this. Arjun asks him to mind his tongue and starts arguing. Shamsher tells Bhavri that he will not listen now and let him do whatever he wants. Arjun says Bhavri he wants will marry Aradhya for sure and she can come to bless him. Shamsher says nobody will come from this house and pushes him away.

Precap: Aradhya’s character is changed and a new entry is shown. She tells she is portraying Aradhya’s character from Monday.

Update Credit to: MA

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  2. New entry I wish the director replaced kirtida instead of sreejita de ?

  3. This is true that gulki joshi doesn’t look perfect with gurave s bajaj but why they didn’t replace kirtida mistry instead of sreejita de ????
    Let see!
    Is that sreejita de look perfect for shamshare or not?

  4. Hey dirctor of piya rangrezz instead of charging actress you have to think about your story line
    Your serial story is full of violence and vilince which is irritating us alot ?

  5. Hi… Whyyyyyy !!! Whaaaat!! Ok fine … I’m done asking “what are you doing director???” … They had all the ingredients to make a fantastic Royal Couscous but they are making a soup instead … Besides that, great acting of Naryani aka B.D… Looking forward to see new chemistry on screen 😉

  6. Assia you are right. I also wish kirtida come back………………………………….

  7. yep……. sreejita is soooooooo cutie and beautiful than gulki joshi……… she is nice……… 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉

  8. thank ALLAH that they hav at least changed gulki joshi and replaced sreejita de:) but i really wish KIRDITA TO COME BACK!!!:( 🙁 🙁

  9. I also really wish kirtida to come back………….

  10. Anupama Singh

    Are sher and shraddha alive in further story

  11. Anupama what you saying i am not understand..

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