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Paltu Singh offers beer to Sher. Sher says he does not drink during work. Paltu says it is beer and not alcohol. Sher takes bottle and keeps it aside. Paltu’s servant informs that he got down all the liquor from truck. Paltu gives money bag to Sher. Sher says he is very honest, then why people badmouth about him. Paltu says he did some tricks to earn money for his family, so people call him paltu. Sher asks him to continue working honestly for their business. Sher asks him to call his wife Shraddha as he has to leave now. Paltu says he came here alone and asks his men if bhaiyaji came with someone. Men say bhaiyaji came alone. Sher says paltu sent Shraddha with his wife. Paltu says he is bachelor. Sher kicks paltu and checks whole house, but does not find Shraddha. Paltu asks

his men to kill Sher, but Sher beats them all. Paltu runs from there and Sher follows him.

Bhavri tells Aditya that she is worried that paltu will trick Shraddha and Sher will create problem there. Aditya says then why did she send Shradha there and asks if he should go there. She says Sher will handle Paltu, and she needs him here. Aditya gets romantic and asks if she is sure. She smiles and starts gulping alcohol. She calls Mama and asks him to check what is happening at Paltu’s place.

Paltu takes Sher to a brothel house where Shraddha is kept. Sher sprinkles water on shraddha and she wakes up and hugs him. He says he told her not to involve in his business, but she did not listen. He then slaps Paltu. Paltu apologizes him and says he did not think Bhavri’s son will be like him. Girl in brothel pleads Shraddha to take her along. Paltu says Sher he should not interfere in his brothel business. Sher slaps him again and says he will take girls from here and drop them to their houses and he will see who will stop him. He takes girls in his truck. Shraddha gets happy seeing his new avatar and smiles holding his hand.

Vikas tells Sunehri that politics happen in every house and she should not bother about it, she should just think how much he loves her. He says he is helpless and has to kill her on Bhavri’s order. He frees her hand. Sunehri apologizes him and says she will not inform anyone and will not care if Sher and Shraddha will live or die and asks him to take her to Bhavri so that she can apologize her. Vikas gets happy and asks if she is telling truth. She hugs him and says she loves him.

Bhavri gets a call and shouts that Sher hit Paltu and even destroyed his brothel business. Maama says now Paltu became their enemy. Vikas comes injured and says Sunehri injured him and ran. Bhavri shouts that he and mama are useless and she will throw them in furnace/bhatti. Vikas says mama that sunehri told she will not tell anyone and once he freed her hands, she hit him on his head and elope, but not to worry he will catch her. Bhavri hits him continuously with stick and says she will not spare him for his mistake. She then brings gun and points at him.

Bhavri tells Sher that Sunehri eloped with after looting money. Shraddha says she does not believe it. Bhavri gives letter and says she has left even love letter.

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