Piya Rangrezz 18th November 2015 Written Episode Update


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Bhavri gathers whole family and asks Sumer howmuch money did he bring yesterday. He says 5 lakhs, 1000 rs 5 bundles. She says one bundle is missing and says one of family member has stolen and they should give back her money silentlly, else she will shoot the culprit. She sees Shraddha nervous and asks if she knows anything. Shraddha reminisces Chanda steal money and keeping it in her cupboard. Bhavri asks whom she is trying to save and says she cannot use force as she is pregnant, so she should speak. Shraddha says Chanda stole money. Everyone are shocked to hear that. Chanda acts as innocent. Shraddha says she saw chanda running from Bhavri’s room and keeping money in her cupboard. Bhavri shouts why will Chanda steal when whole property is hers. Shraddha says she is telling

truth. Mama asks if she saw Chanda coming out of jiji’s room. Shraddha says she saw her keeping money in cupboard also. Bhavri shouts why does she peep in Chanda’s room. Mama says let us check Chanda’s cupboard. Chanda gets tensed hearing this.

Bhavri takes Mama, Shraddha and Chanda to room and asks Shraddha to show where is money. Mama tells she got bhanjaji married twice and will she get him married thrice. Bhavri asks Chanda to open cupboard and asks Shraddha to show where is money. Shraddha searches but does not find money. Chanda stands nervously closing her eyes. Shraddha says she herself saw Chanda keeping money bundle here. Bhavri asks then where did it vanish. Vikas peeps from behind and reminisces stealing money from cupboard. Bhavri shouts at Shraddha that she is unnecessarily blaming Chanda just after one of coming out of room. She does not want to shout at her, but she forces heself to shout. She wants to punish her more than thief, but she cannot as she is bearing her grandson. Shraddha says she is telling truth. Bhavri walks out with mama. Chanda angrily looks at Shraddha and Shraddha leaves.

Chanda follows Shraddha and asks why did she make a big drama, if she wants to come in between her and thakur saheb. Shraddha says she stole money. Chanda asks it is none of her business. Because of her, her and thakur saheb’s relationship will spoil. Shraddha says she is wrong. Chanda says she should tell thakur saheb that she lied and drags her to balcony. Shraddha asks where is Sherji. Chanda says it is time for action now and pushes her from balcony, holding herone hand. Bhavri comes and pulls back Shraddha and slaps Chanda for trying to kill her grandson and steal money. Chanda gets up from her sleep and realizes it was just her imagination. She pops in her anxiety pill and murmurs she cannot even kill Shraddha as thakur saheb will go away from her. She cannot take this risk and will have to use other way to get her out of thakur saheb’s way.

Shraddha walks in her room nervously. Gajra asks her to forget it as she must have mistaken. Shraddha says she herself saw Chanda steal money and keeping it in cupboard. Gajra asks why is she risking her child unnecessarily. Shraddha says she wants to know why Chanda needs so much money and where did money vanish. Gajra gives her water and asks her not to think anything wrong, if Chanda is wrong, she will help her expose Chanda.

Sher comes home tired at midnight and throws water mug finding it empty. Shraddha hears sound and comes out to check. She sees Sher walking towards her room and peeping in and then walking back and reminisces Sher getting hungry and asking her food. She prepares food and sends it via Gajra. Sher asks who told he is hungry, his mother or wife, nobody realized when he came in. She says she heard him coming and thought he must be hungry, so she prepared food. He scolds from when she started thinking and then thanks her for preparing hot food for him and asks her to go and sleep now. Gajra leaves. Shraddha watches from behind pillar. Chanda watches that from balcony and panics.

Precap: Bhavri tells Shraddha that she was alleging Chanda yesterday, but today Chanda brought gifts for her child. Chanda says it is for her and Sher’s child, not Shraddha’s. Bhavri is surprised to hear that.

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