Piya Rangrezz 18th March 2016 Written Episode Update


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Veer standing in front of Bhavri’s haveli thinks in sometime family will rush Aradhya to hospital. Shamsher picks Aradhya. Arjun feels jealous. Shamsher asks him to move aside and takes Aradhya out.

Bhavri attends meeting, sees minister, and says she was expecting him. Minister says she was heading sangh well. Bhavri asks him to be specific. Minister says due to her personal issues, she is ignoring sangh. Munna shouts only Bhavri will be heading sangh forever. Minister many members came with problems to her home, but she ignored them many times. Members start complaining that they need someone to protect them. Bhavri makes Munna sit on her chair and says her brother will head sangh now. Munna smirks and thinks she made a mistake and dug her own grave.

Nurse treats

Aradya and asks Shamsher to fill registration form. Shamsher yells. She says she will fill form and he should just answer. She asks what is patient’s name and how is she related to him. He says wife. She says Aradhya that her husband loves her a lot and broughther lifting instead on wheelchair. Shamsher shouts on Aradhya and leaves. Aradhya thinks why her father pushed her into hell, she does not want to stay with cruel Shamsher.

Veer comes to hospital to kidnap Aradhya and tries to leave seeing Shamsher. Shamsher stops him and asks what is he doing here. Veer says Aradhya’s life is at risk, so he has kept constables out to protect her. Shamsher leaves and Veer thinks people will think Aradhya has eloped and only he will know that she is dead. He goes inside Aradhya’s room and starts talking. She drops tea on his foot purposefully. He removes shoes and socks and Aradhya is shocked to see nail polish and mehandi on his foot. He hurriedly wears socks and shoes and leaves nervously. Aradhya thinks why is he having nail polish and mehandi on foot.

Veer goes out and orders constable not to let anyone inside Aradhya’s room until orders, not even Bhavri and Shamsher. Constable asks what will he say Bhavri and Shamsher. Veer asks to tell that police knows about domestic voilence. Aradhya hears his conversation hiding and thinks he is different than he looks and why he wants to kidnap her, why is he wearing mehandi and nail polish, something is wrong.

Bhavri reaches back home and shouts at family for letting Aradhya out and asks if she cannot trust anyone in this house. Shamsher says he is there and says election is nearing and if something happens to Aradhya, she will lose public support. Bhavri praises that he is learning politics soon. Naani relaxes that Aradhya is safe from Bhavri for some time.

Aradhya informs nurse that some one wants to kidnap her and seeks her help. She explains her plan, keeps pillows on bed, and asks her to call constable in. Constable comes in. Aradhya silently escapes and reaches Veer’s house. She enters in via window and searches for evidence. She sees bindi and then gun in cupboard. She sees another cupboard full of saris and women clothes. She sees Bhavri’s haveli plan and thinks why is he keeping it with him. She walks a bit and gets afraid seeing something. She then walks in a shock further and sees Bhavri’s family photos fixed on board and thinks he is involved with chanda and considers bhavri’s family as enemy. She calls Shamsher and asks him to reach Veer’s house soon. Veer comes and opens door. She hides in cupboard and watches him via slit. He removes his shirt and walks towards cupboard. She gets tensed.

Precap: Veer wears woman’s clothes and wears jewelry, mimicking Chanda. Aradhya is shocked to see that.

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  1. Wow finally precap is good

  2. Oh no! Veer will kill araadhya if see her. I hope shamsher will reach in time and through veer’s plan

  3. Lifñâ ñàväZ

    Nyz EPisode…
    finaly aradhya fInd veer ka such…..
    shamsher belivng aradhya… !!!! w8ng….

  4. I luv shamsher and aaradhya scenes. He is getting bit nyc to her

  5. Show is bcming some what interesting…. Hope shamsher and aaradhya get unite soon

  6. I hope veer won’t catch aradhya & shamshare reach on time to save Aradhya & kill this veer
    By the way nice episode now the serial getting interesting
    So fingers crossed the serial will get more & more interesting
    I wish we can see shamshare onscreen a lot his acting , story, romance ??gaurav s bajaj ?he is so cute, sweet & charming handsome

  7. I hope shamsher find out veer’s truth. Hoping this track is reaching a climax, again too much dragging.

  8. I don’t tnk that veer track will over so early. But i hope araadhya will safely escape otherwise that psycho will kill her

  9. finally veer’s truth will be out

  10. Y don’t they telecast pr on sat and sun also. I jst can’t wait to see shamsher.

  11. Finally show is getting again interesting 🙂

  12. Lifñâ ñàväZ

    next epiisode plzz ….

  13. Plzz next episode update
    I’m first time commenting
    In this website I m new here


  15. Nyc

  16. Where izz next episode update yl

  17. Superb

  18. Next episode update plzz

  19. Where is the first part of 21st March
    First part is missing
    Oh my god where shall we see the first part of piya rangrezz
    Please update first part

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