Piya Rangrezz 18th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Piya Rangrezz 18th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Inspector comes to Bhavri’s house and says Tilakraj complained that she has kidnapped his daughter and kept her here. Mama jokes that Tilakraj thinks this is ail. Bhavri asks Munmun to show inspector whole house. Inspector with constables searches whole house. Aradhya tries to climb chair and peep from window but falls down. Constables come just then and leaves not finding anyone. Aradhya climbs chair and shouts from window she is here, but inspector does not listen and leaves apologizing Bhavri.

Inspector informs Tilakraj that he did not find his daughter inside. Tilakraj holds his collar, yells and gets himself in to check. He challenges Bhavri that he will destroy he if he finds his daughter here. Bhavri sends munmun to show him house. Tilakraj enters room, but does

not find his daughter. He walks out yelling at Bhavri that he will prove that she kidnapped his daughter, else he is not one father’s son. Bhavri says even she wants to know who his father is. Everyone laugh. Tilakraj leaves in his car. Shamsher holds Aradhya on terrace and shuts her mouth. She tries to shout, but in vain. Shamsher taunts her and then drops her back into store room.

Aradhya cries that she tried to be ideal and got trapped, it would have been better if she had enjoyed he corrupt dad’s money.

At night, Bhavri waits for Arjun and Shamsher for dinner. Munmun says Arjun may come late. Bhavri says she knows she will not have food without Arjun. She calls Manchala servant and asks him to give food to Aradhya, else she may die. Manchala takes food, but Shamsher stops him and takes thali. Manchala taunts him that he is falling in girl’s love.

Arjun comes and touches Bhavri’s feet. She asks him to have food. He asks why did she send him to field when already crop is plucked there. She says she had to take business decision. He insists. She agrees that she had to kidnap Tilakraj’s daughter via Shamsher. He says this is wrong and she has to free girl. She scolds him that he has woman heart and does not help her in business and instead creates problem. He says between business rivalry, an innocent girl is being troubled. Mama says he has gone on Shradha. Bhavri asks not to take Shradha’s name.

Shamsher tries to forcefeed Aradhya. She beats him with stick. He warns not to try strength on him and tells childhood incident where Bhavri puts him tiger’s cage and he fights with tiger. Arjun comes and holds his hand and asks to leave girl. Shamsher says girl gets acidity if she does not eat. Arjun says he will beat him if he does not leave. Shamsher asks if he can dare. They both fight. Shamsher goes out. Arjun asks Aradhya to have food. She says her buttering will not work and he can leave with food. He calls servant to take food. She says he is from criminal family and his ego will hurt if he picks thali. He says upbringing and personality are different. Their chitchat continues. He asks to have food first. She eats hurriedly. He taunts her and says when she gets hungry, she should eat and not act.

She asks if he can go against aji amma and get her out. He stands silently. She says don’t worry, she does not expect anything from him as she knows a small fish cannot go against crocodile. She is happy that he is thinking good living between bad people.

Shamsher enters clapping and says he is happy seeing 2 like-minded people. Arjun says he was just making her eat food. Shamsher says he knows his brother well as they are twins and his brother can die for aaji amma. He says she is Tilakraj’s daughter and will have to pay for his sins.

Precap: Shamsher pushes Arjun from balcony, holds his hand, says he should not have boasted in front of girl, and leaves hand. Arjun falls down.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Super bakwas gulki joshi
    Super duper bakwas writter..

  2. princess onkan

    i dont understand araddha kiske opposite me arjun or sher ???

  3. the show has suddenly twisted around a lot

  4. I am getting irritated with this show but however sher is looking really awesome in his new avtar as shamsher. But I wish kridita comes back just like sher did as shamsher.

  5. I really lyk gulki josh..
    Gulki josh has been roped for shamsher
    Nd neha bagga tats munmun as the negative lead roped for arjun

    But i wish kirtida wud cum back lyk sher into the show..
    No prblm bt am satisfies wid gulkijosh

  6. I m in a bet that kirtida will not back ………I wish I lost the bet….. 🙁

  7. Really irritating to watch this show.I stop watching this show..it will be failure without kirtika,sumer,gajra

  8. Really irritating to watch this
    show.I stop watching. Sradha died?!! The show actually avoided Sradha. but returnes sher n bhavri who r deeply burnt. hate this show now. stop this fraud show.

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