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Sunehri hears Vikas confessing in front of maama that he blew out bridge with bomb. Maama says he did it for family and asks him to stop feeling guilty. Vikas says if Shraddha would have died, he would have been guilt stricken his whole life. Maama sees Sunehri and asks Vikas to stop murmur in alcohol effect. Vikas says he did not drink even a drop of alcohol since morning. Sunehri enters and asks how can he use her and blew bridge. Because of him, Shraddha and Sher are suffering, Shradha is crossing her limit to get sher back from world of sin. Vikas asks her to keep her voice low and accepts he did everything for Bhavri even before meeting Sunehri and will continue. If she wants to marry him, she should keep her mouth shut and work in kitchen and not try to become neta. If she tries to

speak in front of anyone, he will kill himself and she will then have to go back to her dancer life. She says there is no lock which can lock her mouth, she will inform Sher everything right now even though if she has to go back to her dancer life. She runs to inform Shradda. Maama asks Vikas to catch her.

Shraddha hears Sunehri’s voice and asks Sher to stop truck as she heard someone calling her. He stops. She checks and does not find anyone. Vikas and Maama catch Sunehri and shut her mouth. They then drag her to godown and tie her to chair in front of bhavri. Maama says vikas now he understood why he was stopping her from marrying Sunehri. Vikas cries and tells Sunehri that he loves her a lot and even now she does not believe her. Now, she should stay in godown forever. Maama says he will kill her and says she wanted to reunite Sher and Shraddha, but now he will unite her with god. He opens furnace/bhatti door and shows huge fire in it and says jiji/Bhavri sends people to god from here. He says his son is crying, but it is good for him. He asks Bhavri to order him to throw Sunehri into furnace.

Bhavri says Sunehri if Sher would have know about her true colors, he would have hated her forever. She is feeling bad to kill her, but has no other go. She says Vikas that everyone should think Sunehri eloped with her lost 10 lakhs and tells him if he makes any mistake, she will throw him and his father in furnace with Sunehri. Maama picks her chair to drop her in furnace, and she pleads vikas to save her.

Shraddha and Sher reach their customer Paltu Singh’s area. Paltu singh starts acting as getting happy seeing him and starts drama. He asks who is this lady. Sher says his wife. Paltu touches her feet and asks his wife to take bhabhi maa/Shraddha inside and serve her. He then says sher he does not like talking business in front of women. Shraddha says she wants to stay with Sher as she does not know this woman. Sher orders her to go. Paltu’s wife takes Shraddha inside.

Aditya asks Bhavri why is she looking tensed, if he can help her. She says he cannot. He says he has promised himself to help her in every problem and asks if she does not trust him. She says she does and if she cannot handle her problem, she will take his help. She is worried about Sher now as he has gone to meet paltu singh. He says Sher is a smart guy and will handle situation easily. She says Shraddha also went with him, and if paltu singh does any trick and harms Shraddha, Sher will not keep ruin everything.

Paltu’s wife takes Shraddha in and while conversing sprays chloroform on flower and asks Shraddha to smell it. Shraddha smells and starts feeling drowsy. She calls Sher and gets up to leave, but paltu’s goon holds her mouth and she falls unconscious.

Precap: Sher asks Paltu to call Shraddha. Paltu says he came alone here. His goon attacks Sher and Sher throws him down in 1 punch. Paltu gets afraid.

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