Piya Rangrezz 18th April 2016 Written Episode Update


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Servant informs Aradhya that there was a call from her hospital about an emergency case and patient waiting in her cabin. Aradhya says if it is an emergency, then why is patient in her cabin. She leaves for hospital.

Munna shows English liquor to Shamsher and says let us have it today. Shamsher says aji amma will scold him if he drinks English liquor. Munna says he thought to say cheers with a man, he cannot ask Arjun and Manohar is dead, so only he is left. Shamsher gets emotional and agrees. Munna thinks Jiji thinks it is her plan, but he and Munmun had planned it long ago. Shamsher gulps pegs by pegs, but Munna just holds glass and says he has gone old, so sipping.

Aradhya reaches her hospital cabin and sees froses all over wiht Arjun lighting candles wearing her gifted

red shirt. She says he is so cheap to lie and call her here. He says sorry an says let us lighten up the environment and asks if she remembers this shift, she gifted it. He holds her hand and she says don’t touch me. He forcefully makes her sit and shows their first date pic and says couple who shot these pics commented that they look perfect together. He shows dry rose and asks if she remembers she threw it on him as he was staring her. He holds her hand and says he cannot be away from her and loves her a lot. She says she hates him. He shouts she cannot hate him and says he knows she and Shamsher don’t live like a married couple. He continues and she slaps him. shamsher and Bhavri watch their drama from glass. Arjun holds scalpel and says if she does not accept she loves him, he will slit his wrist and slits it. She gets concerned and ties bandage on his wrist. Bhavri brainwashes Shamsher that Laundiya slapped his brother, but he did not react. Shasmher says Arjun does not consider him his brother. Bhavri says so what, she will do justice now. Aradhya shouts at Arjun that she would have nursed his wound like a doc and he should stop troubling her now and walks out.

Bhavri enters cabin and points gun at Arjun and says he loves her family but loves her dignity more which he ruined for laundiya. If Shamsher does not consider Arjun his brother, she will shoot Arjun then. Shamsher snatches gun and asks what is she doing. Bhavri provokes him that laundiya slapped his brother and he kept quiet, he should go and teach laundiya and what is means to slap her family member. Shamsher leaves. Arjun tries to stop, but Bhavri says Aradhya needs to be taught a lesson. Arjun thinks let Aradhya see Shamsher’s inner animal, she will come back to him seeing that and then only love will remain between them.

Shamsher follows Aradhya and shouts how dare she is to slap his brother. She says she did right, Arjun was crossing his limits. He shouts then what was she doing in her cabin. Aradhya says Arjun crossed devar’s limit and needed to be slapped. He shouts she dared to slap his chotu and needs to be taught a lesson. Aradhya says he is inebriated and should see what is happening. Naani and Anjali say Aradya is right. He drags Aradhya to a room and throws her in and throws her suitcase next.

Arjun reminisces Aradhya’s slap and thinks whatever she does, he will make her realize hislove.

Bhavri comes to Aradhya’s room and taunts her. Aradhya asks her to kill her at once. Bhavri says she callenged to kill her a bit daily and Shamsher will kill torture her each day and after that she will.

Precap: Aradhya brings inebriated Shamsher to his room and drops him on his bed.

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