Piya Rangrezz 17th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Piya Rangrezz 17th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhavri serves Sher’s favorite dishes kerala/bitter gourd and dam aloo. Chanda comes. Bhavri asks where was she. Sher jokes that amma thought she is kidnapped and was waiting for kidnapper’s call. Chanda says she had gone to temple to pray for Shraddha’s child’s safety and distributes sweets.

Vikas asks prasad and smiles at her. Bhavri scolds him and asks to have food. Chanda serves him food nervously. Sher asks poori and Chanda goes to kitchen. Vikas reminisces seeing her in medical shop and says the shop from which she bought prasad is his friend’s. Mama says all his friends are theives, dacoits, etc., then how did he get pandit pujari friend. Vikas says his friend Montu. Mama says he has medical shop. Chanda drops food on Bhavri. Bhavri shouts.

Vikas asks bhavri to forgive Chanda and tells mama that Montu has even sweet shop and asks Chanda if Montu conned her. She says no.

Sumer brings payment and gives 5 lakhs to Sher. Sher asks Bhavri to take it. Bhavri asks to keep it himself. Sher says he does not need more headache and will take it from her whenever he needs. Vikas looks at money and smirks.

Chanda in her room thinks how can she make such a big mistake, how did Vikas see her. Vikas enters asking if Sher is in. Chanda says he is out. He enters and says he knows bhaiyaji is not in room, so he came to talk to her. She gets nervous and stammers. He shows her medicine and asks if she is mad and takes medicine to be under control.

Shraddha plants flower plant in garden. Sher sees that and asks if she is digging tunnel to escape. She says she is planting flower plant and says she can see this place from her room and will get happy seeing plant growing. Sher says he has kept inside room for her safety. She says pregnant woman has her own wishes and needs. He asks her to tell him then. She says she soffocates in locked room. He plants flower plant for her and leaves. Shraddha waters plant then.

Chanda asks Vikas what does he need. He says he needs 1 lakh. She says she does not have money. He says he will tell her secret to everyone if she does not give money. He says she does not have go out for medicine, he will get it for her. She says she does not know what to say. He says it is waste to explain mad woman and asks if she was really staying in jungle or was lied, she just should give him money from time to time to keep his mouth shut. Chanda stands nervously. Vikas suggests her to steal. Sher enters and Vikas changes words that whenever she goes to pooja item shop next, she will get fresh items. He tells Sher that he will warn his friend Montu not to thug family members and leaves. Sher says Chanda that he is going out and will have dinner late. He thanks her for praying for his child’s safety.

Shraddha calls Sunehri and Gajra to get her water. Sunehri sees room lock open and shows it to Shraddha that thakur saheb forgot to lock door. Shraddha reminisces telling Sher that she soffocates in locked room and tells Gajra that Sher did not forget and opened door on her request.

Chanda enters Bhavri’s room and steals 1 lakh from Sher’s given money and runs back to her room. Shraddha sees that and follows her. Chanda keeps money into her cupboard and relaxes. Shraddha watches from door slit.

Precap: Bhavri asks Shraddha if she knows who stole money. Shraddha says Chanda.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. pls cv’s finish ths chanda track…w fade up of her devil character in sherdha life….w all r saying ths becos v want sherdha not tht sher & chanda track…stop it now..really….it is so boring & v dont want miss this lovely show of our sherdha…cv’s ji make tht chanda character out of show…ths is so irritating..

  2. Chanda track is really boring, its not worth to watch the show.

  3. Bus ab nhi virat aditya sorya(shraddha brother) in ko dikhao kya chanda ka booring drama bus kro

  4. Chanda ko kub tak dikahoge boldo tab tak serial karlenge……..

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