Piya Rangrezz 17th May 2016 Written Episode Update

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Munmun cries looking at Manahor’s pic and says her murder is walking freely, she feels pain calling Shamsher and Arjun her brothers. Shamsher had promised that he will bring Manohar safely, but brought his dead body. Bhavri praised Shamsher instead of punishing him and was celebrating holi. She takes oath to finish her murderer.

Shamsher gulps alcohol reminisces Arjun walking out of Aradhya’s room and accepting that he loves Aradhya. He thinks when he does not have any feelings for Aradhya, why is he feelign pain. Servant informs it is time to close factory. He asks if everyone left. Servant says yes and leaves. Munna enters silently. Shamsher falls asleep holding bottle in his hand and dropping some on floor. Munna splashes kerosene all around the place and walks

out holding matchbox. Servant thinks he forgot lunchbox and returns back to factor. Mama sets fire and leaves in his car. Servant sees fire and informs Bhavri that factory got fire and Shamsher is inside. Bhavri shouts why did Shamsher go there. Munmun smirks that daddu did his work. Servant even informs Munna. Bhavri calls him and orders to save Shamsher.

Shamsher wakes up and sees fire all around. Aradhya with Anjali reaches factor and runs in. She brings Shamsher out. Bhavri hugs Shamsher and asks if he is fine. Shamsher says he is fine. Bhavri ignores Aradhya and takes Shamsher in car. Anjali asks Aradhya if she is fine. Aradhya holds her leg. Bhavri looks at Aradhya, but does not take her along.

Munna tells Munna that Shamsher would have died in fire accident. Munmun says at least factory is burnt and Aji bua dream of winning election is shattered. Arjun hears their conversation and angrily asks Munna if he set fire. Munna says he did not. Arjun points gun on him. Munmun says he also is like Shamsher and starts emotional drama. Arjun asks not to divert attention and asks Munna he wants aji amma to lose election. Munmun says daddu is aji bua’s brother and will never think of harming her, though he set fire to kill Shamsher. He wantsto kill Shamsher as he killed Manohar and even snatched Arjun’s love. Arjun says Shamsher is innocent according to forensic report. Munmun says she will not trust papers, Shamsher knew Manohar is closer to Arjun, so he killed Manorhar. She asks if he should call her brother or not. Munna picks gun. Munmun signals him to drop it down and tells Arjun that they have to kill Shamsher. Munna says Munmun is right, he knows well that he is jiji’s shadow and if he thinks he can kill jiji, he can shoot him and kill. Munmun asks Arjun how can he point gun at Daddu. Arjun apologizes Munna and says he should not have doubted him. Munmun smirks. Arjun says Shamsher is also his enemy. Munna says Shasmsher all 3’s enemy and if they unite, they can do wonders. Munna says this calls for celebration.

Bhavri tells Shamsher that since she is standing in election, someone mixed poison in alchol and burnt her factory. Munna brings inebriated Arjun. Bhavri asks him to drop Arjun to his room and come back, thinks if Munna is culprit. Munna comes back and Bhavri says he was present in factory, who is the culprit. Munna says someone does not want her to win election, who must have done it. He says he does not know. She thinks Munna is her bother and she knows him since childhood, how can she doubt him. Munna serves her alcohol.

Precap: Shamsher orders Aradya to shoot Arjun and finish him at once.

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