Piya Rangrezz 17th March 2016 Written Episode Update


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Bhavri strangulates Aradhya’s neck and asks why she wants to kill her. Aradhya says she does not have any intention to kill her and takes father’s oath. Bhavri leaves and even Shamsher goes to his room. Veer enters wearing sari and blouse hiding from guards and tries to kidnap Aradhya by forcing her to smell chloroform. Aradhya resists and holds Veer’s taweez. Things fall down and whole family gets alert and come asking what is happening. Veer escapes. Shamsher gets her up and asks what happened. She says some woman had come in and tried to kidnap her saying she will get her out.

Bhavri drags Aradhya down. She calls guards and asks mama to fire them all for letting someone in. She then sees CCTV footage and mistakes Veer as Chanda and shouts how did she

enter in. Aradhya walks in corridor and sees Veer’s taweez and realizes he isdoing all this. Bhavri does not find Aradhya and orders Shamsher to bring her back. He goes and drags Aradhya holding her neck and pulling her hair back to Bhavri. Bhavri asks how does she know Chanda. Aradhya asks who Chanda. Bhavri shouts she called Chanda here and when everyone woke up acted as Chanda kidnapping her. Aradhya asks why will she call anyone here. Bhavri shouts to kill her and shouts Chanda was overpossessive of Sher and did not even let her go near her son. She shouts with her one order her one grandsson killed her father Tilakraj and another grandson marriedher in front of whole Azamgarh. She continues shouting and alleging Aradhya and boasting about herself.

In the morning, Veer comes to haveli and asks Shamsher if he got any info about kindapper. Shamsher asks if he wants to give his dress and duty to him. Veer asks again if he douts someone. Shamsher says Chanda and asks him to send 4-5 constables to guard Aji amma. Bhavri comes and says Munna and Shamsher are there to protect her and she does not need police. She says she gives protection to whole Azamgarh’s contractors and what will they think if she hires police. Shamsher orders his goons to guard aji amma during meeting. Bhavri asks to not let Aradhya out of store room and leaves.

Veer tells Shamsher that he will investigate now. Shamsher says he can do his police giri. Veer goes near Aradhya’s room and finds CCTV camera and guards outside and thinks who will stop policeman. He goes to Aradhya’s room and shows fake concern for her. He says he is feeling sad for her as he was Tilakraj’s friend. Aradhya sees taweez missing from his neck. He gives her medicine and says within 15 min, she will get stomachache, vomiting, etc., and she can escape. She drops medicine purposefully. He bends and purposefully shows his taweez and returns medicine. She thanks him. He asks her to get admitted, he will handle everything and is doing only for his friend Tilakraj. She pops in pills. He thinks after 15 min, she will get ill and he can kidnap her.

Naani tells Munmun that Aradhya has not eaten anything since 2 days and looks innocent, she wants her to feed prasad at least. Munmun says Aji bua will get angry. Naani hears Aradhya voming, goes to her room and calls Shamsher to come and check Aradhya. Arjun comes first and tries to pick Aradhya, but Shamsher comes and stops him.

Precap: Veer tells Aradhya that he is thinking of speaking to Aji amma and requesting to free her. She purposefully drops tea on his foot. He removes shoes and socks and she sees inury on his foot.

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  2. good episode shamsher is believing in aradhaya ….

  3. I think veer track will make aaradhya and shamsher close. Nyc epi and luv gaurav…..:-):-)

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