Piya Rangrezz 17th July 2015 Written Episode Update


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Shraddha gets hit by a stone flewn through a passing car and her forehead starts bleeding. Sher gets angry and throws stone breaking car’s glass. Owner comes out of car and walks towards Sher with his bodyguards. Sher slaps him and his bodyguards try to confront Sher, but Sher beats even them. Man stops his bodyguard and says Sher he does not know who he is. Sher says even he does not know who he is. Man silently walks out. Sher then ties kerchief on Shraddha’s foreahead and takes her to clinic. Man’s guards ask why did h stop them. He says he felt that man has a deep background, so he wants to know first who he is.

Sher at clinic asks doctor to gently clean Shraddha’s wound, else he will injure him. Doc cleans wound and tries to apply bandage. Sher stops

and asks him to examine clearly as shraddha is his only wife. Shraddha asks doc to apply bandage. Their nok jhok continues and at least Shraddha wins. Doc applies bandage on her forehead. They both try to walk out when doc asks them to pay his fees. They both laugh.

Man reaches Bhavri’s haveli and introduces himself to Maama and Vikas. They say they were waiting for him. Vikas starts his broken English and takes man inside home. Man sees his hand dirty and asks Maama to show washroom. Maama asks him to accompany him. While passing through Bhavri’s room and stops seeing her getting ready after a bath and gets mesmerized seeing her beauty. Bhavri sees him in a mirror and asks who is he. He silently walks out.

Man sits on sofa engrapsed in Bhavri’s thought. Maama speaks, but he is still in his own world. Vikas wakes him up. Bhavri comes and maama introduces him to her. He extends his hand and she folds hands and says namaste and asks if he came to spend his father’s money. He says he is a gold medalist from London’s business school and needs a bridge contract, later he will open a cement factory on barron land. He offers 10% in partnership. Bhavri says she needs 50%, else he can leave. He agrees and shakes hand with her.

Sher enters and claps telling he must have come to complain aginst him to Bhavri and asks to leave now. Man says he kept quiet seeing an injured woman, now he is at his home and provokes to touch him. She gets irked, but Shraddha stops him. Sher says he is lucky, else he would have taught him a lesson. Bhavri asks him to behave with man as he is her partner now and will stay in this house. She taunts that he has become loyal, so he should not interfere in her business now. Sher says he will try to get the tender the man has come for and challenges Bhavri.

Precap: Shraddha and Sher get romantic unconsciously at night while asleep. In the morning, Shraddha shows her bindi on Sher’s cheek.

Update Credit to: MA

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