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Bhavri asks Shraddha to drink one more glass of alcohol as a token of their friendship. Shraddha is about to drink when Sher stops her and drags her with him from there into their room. Bhavri smirks seeing this. He asks why is s she drinking alcohol. Inebriated Shraddha hugs Sher tightly and says she cannot live without him and apologizes for the trouble he went through because of her. She says he can kill her, but not ask to separate. She continues that she is not acting and he can examine her love for him any time. She falls asleep on his shoulder. Sher picks her, makes her sleep and drapes blanket on her. He then pampers her head with love and looks at her. When is about to leave, Shraddha holds her hand and asks why is he leaving her alone again. He sits back next to her. She falls

back to sleep holding his hand. Even he falls asleep.

Shraddha wakes up in the middle of night and finds Sher sleeping next to her. She feels hangover and picks medicine box, sees food plates and wakes Sher. He asks if she is fine. She holding head says she is fine and asks why did not he eat food. He gives her lemon water to bring down her hangover. She drinks it again in one gulp.

In the morning, while having breakfast, Bhavri asks Sher if Shraddha is still inebriated. He tries to walk out, but she holds his hand and asks him not to get angry on his amma often. Maama comes with Vikas and says one more problem has started. Bhavri asks to speak. Vikas says customer took liquor consignment, but did not pay. Maama asks why she does business with such defaulters. She says he buys 30 lakhs worth consignment and says if he finds another customer, she will forgo old customer. Maama asks how will she recover money now. Sher asks why is he misbehaving with amma and says he will deliver liquor truck to Gorakhpur. Amma/Bhavri says customer is a bit arrogant. He says he is more arrogant than anyone. Shraddha enters and says even she will go with him. Sher says there is no need for her to come with him and asks her to go back to her room. She stands silently. He says why is she disobeying him. She says she has made up her mind and will not back off. He leaves asking servant to get consignment ready. h

Bhavri taunts Shraddha that she is very arrogant, even after sher asking her to stop, but she is adamant. Customer paltu singh will create some problem and Sher may kill him, it is good if she sees that. Bhavri leaves. Mama says she did Shraddha’s raj abhishek, what if she becomes queen now. Sunehri hears their conversation. She goes to Shraddha that yesterday’s events should not have happened, it is not good for her or her thakur saheb. Shraddha says she has to get into this to save her husband from this and says as a partner, she expects her support. Sunehri says she is with her and says just like savitri fought with yamdooth for her husband, even she should.

Mama counts money and hides bundle when Vikas enters. Vikas says he knows all his hidden locations, then why is he hiding. Mama says he is afraid that he will steal his money. Vikas says he came to talk to him and not for money. Maama asks him to get out. Vikas says is his lonely son and not interested in his money. Maama asks him to speak. Vikas says he wants to marry Sunehri now. Maama says it is not possible. Vikas says he promised to get him married to Sunehri and even promised that he will do naagin dance. Mama says he does not remember any promise and asks to get out. Vikas says he will elope. Mama asks him to buy new shoes and then elope. Vikas asks why is he afraid of bua/bhavri and litters in his pants hearing her name.

Shraddha tries to get into truck. Sher stops her and says his work is very dangerous, so she cannot come. She says it is dangerous for him also. He says he will asks Sumer to take her for sight seeing. She gets into truck and closes door.

Vikas tells mama that Bhavri will kick him out when he gets old and says if shraddha had died in bridge blast, Sher would have killed them all. He says he had to act as helping Sher and Sunehri, etc., and add ammo in bridge cement and even help bhavri during night. Maama says he is helping family, it is not a big deal. Sunehri pass by and hears their whole conversation.

Precap: Sunehri challenges Maama and Vikas that she will reunite Sher and Shraddha at any cost and runs. Vikas runs behind her. Shraddha sees Sunehri running behind truck and asks Sher to stop truck.

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