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Sher finds Shraddha trying to board bus and stops her. She hugs him and apologizes for the pain he is bearing because of her. Sher says he got her and now his pain is gone. It is just Sher’s imagination and they are seen standing at a distance. Shraddha reminisces Bhavri shooting Sher’s pillow and ordering her to leave Sher forever. Sher asks what is all this, where is she going. He tears her bus ticket and asks how can she leave him dying and did not know how will he live without her. She shot him as an accident and not purposefully, then why is she blaming herself. He knows amma is forcing her to go and if she tells that amma forced her to leave him. Why did not he trust him and is accepting defeat. She does not know how he spent 2 days without her and asks to come home with


She stops him and says cannot come with him as she is tired now. It is her mistake that she left her beautiful world and entered his black world, she was stuck between him and his amma, it is enough now. Sher asks what is she telling. She says she is telling right, they cannot unite at all. She starts counting his mistakes and how he forced her to leave him many time,s but she continued their relationship somehow.

Sher tries to convince her, but she leaves asking him not to meet her again. Sher takes his gun and shoots on ground and says he will not agree. She says she is not afraid of bullets now and says she has got someone else in her life. Sher is shocked to hear that and continues shooting bullets and asks if she knows what she is telling. Shraddha says she loves a man from her college days and wanted to inform her parents, but before that, he forcefully came into her life, her boyfriend is waiting for her even now and loves her a lot, she is returning to him and requests Sher that he should forget her and marry a girl who can accept his world. Sher drops gun in a shock. Sher says goodbye and hopes their past life will not haunt their future. Paas aaye..hamari adhuri kahani….song..plays in the background. Sher breaks down and cries vigorously reminiscing their happier times. Shraddha gets into bus and leaves… Hamari adhuri kahani…song continues playing.

Shraddha reaches Varanasi to her friend’s house who greets her and apologizes for not receiving her from station. She says even Pankaj has come out. Pankaj comes out and asks how was her journey. Sher reaches there on his jeep. Shraddha asks Pankaj if Sher is behind her. He asks how does she know. She says she can hear each heart beat of Sher. Pankaj asks if he came from Azamgarh to Varanasi for her. She says let us go inside. He takes her in and tries to close door. Sher forcefully opens door. He says he will know it in some time. Shraddha says Pankaj he is Sher ji. She asks if he got his intro now. Friend comes out and asks who is it and gets afraid seeing Sher. Sher asks her to stay away from this.

Bhavri’s puppet informs her that Sher went to Varanasi behind Shraddha. She asks him to spy Sher.

Shraddha asks Sher why did he come here. Sher says he wanted to see with whom she will live with and asks Panjak his name. Pankaj says he is Pankaj Chaubey. Sher loads his gun and asks if he loves Shraddha. Pankaj says it is none of his business. Sher says when he loves Shraddha, why is he afraid and asks if he can bear a bullet, shows his wound and says Shraddha shot her. Pankaj says what he can do for Shraddha she knows well and he does not want him to come in between then. Sher pins him down and tries to pick gun. Shraddha stops him. Sher says he knows she is just making drama and he can see love in her eyes; if she says once seeing his eyes that she does not love him, he will go from there. Shraddha says it is enough now, how many times she should kick him out of her life, why don’t he get out of her life, their relationship is finished. Sher is dumstuck in a shock.

Precap: Sher breaks things and tells Bhavri that he will do as he says, he will remarry before Shraddha’s marriage.

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  1. does anyone know whts going t happen next
    i do not want shaddaer and sher to sperprate
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  2. don’t u know the correct spelling of Sraddha.

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