Piya Rangrezz 16th October 2015 Written Episode Update


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Bhavri blames Shraddha for all the mishaps happening and says Sher that mama is coward, Vikas and Sumer cannot even think, she cannot doubt Gajra and Sunehri, Aditya wants to go from here since day 1, Chanda would not harm herself, so only Shraddha is left. Sher says he is sure Shraddha is not involved.

Balloon bursts and child’s pic falls in front of Sher. Sher asks who is this child. Bhavri shouts that he always doubts her and shouts at Shraddha to tell who this child is. Sher says whoever he is, he will find out the child and then the mastermind behind this. Mama tells Bhavri that this child is..Bhavri widens her eyes and he gets afraid and says this child is very pretty.

Mama asks Bhavri why did she blame Shraddha. Bhavri says she knows Shraddha is innocent, but she

wants Sher to doubt her and kick her out of his life. Mama says what if Sher finds out about child’s secret first. She angrily tries to cut his tongue with scissors and says tonight she will find out child’s truth for sure.

At night, child enters mama’s room and writes 15 October 1995 on wall and walks out.

Shraddha sees child’s shadow from her room’s door and follows child, but he runs and escapes. She then comes down and thinks where did the child go. Child peeps from suitcase and hides back. Shraddh walks towards suitcase, but hears some sound and runs in opposite direction. Child gets out of suitcase and runs. Shraddha follows child, but Aditya catches child and holds his mouth. Shradha continues searching child. Aditya then tells child he told to be careful. Child apologizes. Aditya then throws utensil in opposite direction to divert Shraddha’s attention and runs up. Shradha sees him running and follows, but slips. Sher holds her on time and their eyes lock.

Sher asks Shraddha if she was trying to break Pan singh tomar’s record. Shraddha nervously says child. He asks where is child. Shraddha says on terrace. Sher runs towards terretace. Aditya takes child to terrace and asks to go down while he checks if someone is coming. Child tries to descend via stairs and slips. Bhavri holds him and gets up. Mama holds Aditya on gun point. He hears someone coming, checks and says they both are coming. Aditya says today Sher will know her 20-year-old secret. Sher comes up with Shradha and does not find child. Sher asks where did child go then. Shraddha says child came here. Bhavri hides with Aditya, childa nd munna behind a wall.

Precap: Shraddha tells Sher their worlds are different, so she is going back and this is truth. Sher says she is lying and he knows she loves him a lot.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. thank God sher u have s understand raddha. . . .

  2. Plz aditiya sher ko wo video dikha do takeewo chanda se shaadi nai kere or bhavri ka such samne ajae

  3. Plz aditiya sher ko wo video dikha do ta ke wo chanda se saadi ke liye manaa ker de

  4. Thank God Sher is understanding Radha

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