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Shraddha writhes in stomach pain after Chanda pinches her wrong nerve. Sher rushes her to jeep and asks Sumer to bring keys. Chanda says she will bring keys but throws them behind bed. She comes back and says she did not find keys. Sher tries to start jeep directly with wires and jeep starts. Chanda fumes in jealousy while Bhavri relaxes. Sher then drives car towards hospital with Sumer and Sunehri accompanying him. Chanda gets panic attack and runs towards her room.

Bhavri comes back to her room and nervously drinks alcohol. Chanda comes and asks if she is fine and mixes alcohol for her. Bhavri says she bore child and brought him up and did not make any mistake, then how can she make mistake while massaging Shraddha. Chanda says Shraddha’s child must have moved away from

place while she slipped in temple and not by her massage. Bhavri says she does not know all this, she just wants child to be safe. Chanda says she will pray ramji for child’s safety and serves her alcohol glasses.

At hospital, Sher gets tensed hearing Shraddha’s shout. Bhavri calls him and asks if child is safe. Doc comes out and says due to leg nerve being punched, this accident happened, but child and Shraddha are safe now. He should take utmost care of Shradha and child from here. Bhavri hears that via phone and relaxes. Chanda comes back. Bhavri says whatever happened is because of her massage, but child is safe now. She asks Chanda to prepare Sher’s favorite food and they all will eat it together. Chanda fumes in jealous and walks.

Sher brings Shraddha back home. He asks Gajra to be with Shraddha and leaves. Chanda sees Shraddha alive and panics. She then goes to kitchen and cuts vegetables angrily reminiscing Sher’s concern for Shraddha. She sees Sher outside kitchen over phone and cuts her finger purposefully and shouts. Sher runs in and scolds if she cannot be careful. Chanda says she was preparing food for him. He sucks her blood and says she is most important to her and hugs her. She comes out of her dream when Gajra comes seeing her injury and Sher still on phone. She scold Gajra to call her with respect. Gajra feels bad.

Sher comes to Bhavri’s room and sees her sleeping in dark. He opens window. Bhavri wakes up and says Sher that it will be difficult for him to believe that she did pressed Shraddha’s nerve by mistake, but she really does not want to harm Shraddha and her child. Sher says he knows she is perfect at calculation and loves interest more than principal, she loves her grandson a lot. Bhavri says she loves his eyes and in childhood whenever he used to cry demanding something, she could not deny him. People used to tell he will spoil, but she could not help and loved him so much. Sher says let us forget whatever happened, everything is normal now and she should move ahead. When she cannot see him in pain, how can she see her grandson in pain, her blessings saved her grandson.

She continues that he is reason for her living and asks if he is not angry on her. He jokes that he has seen since childhood whoever gets angry on Bhavri will have to leave this world and smiles. She also smiles. He asks her to come and have food with him. She asks him to go, she will come.

Chanda runs into her room and searches her anxiety medicine, but does not find it. Sher come and sleeps on bed and asks her to massage his head as he is having headache. She massages him with gently. He asks her to apply pressure and asks what happened to her. She says she cut her finger while cooking in kitchen. He asks her again to massage firmly and asks if she is in a hurry, he will call someone else. She says she will. He calls Sumer and asks her to go.

She goes out of room and tries to go out when Bhavri stops her and asks what is she doing instead of cooking food. Chanda gets dizzy due to panic attack. Gajra comes and says food is ready. Bhavri asks her to serve while she calls Sher. Gajra asks Chanda to serve food. Chanda’s hand shiver with nervousness. She runs out of house with wobbly gait, gets into medical shop, gives prescription slip. Pharmacist gives her medicine bottle. She pops in pill there itself and relaxes. Vikas is at a nearby pan shop looting panwala and scolding him. He sees Chanda coming out of medical shop and thinks where is she taking medicines when she is fit.

Precap: No precap.

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  1. This serial is really nice. Sher and Shradda should unit now

  2. How come there’s no precap, I don’t watch this program anymore but read updates only, could not bare that Whitchurch chanda

  3. I have seen it…..also the.precape …I think Chandra will exposed ….

  4. Chanda really is such a bad actor and like her plot is really stupid.

  5. Absolutely boring I used to love watching this serial but hate it now first of all sher shouldn’t have got married with Chanda and poor sharadah she’s done nothing and getting punished really sad don’t feel like watching anymore flopped since sher got married again .

  6. The worse thing is that Chanda and sher are officially husband wife .

    1. hi …Ayesha..my name is also AYSHA…but in ur name there is extra ‘e’

  7. Testless show bna diya h why…

  8. Kuch jyada hi boring ho gya h..

  9. Bismasamiullah

    Nyc serial ….sher nd sharddha is nyc couple ..;)

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