Piya Rangrezz 16th May 2016 Written Episode Update


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Aradhya tells Arjun that she knows what Shamsher feels for her and how good he is which others don’t notice. Shamsher enters home and asks servant why is landline not connecting and asks where is Arjun. Servant says in his room. He walks up. Aradhya tells Arjun that he loves Shamsher and likes his torture. Arjun sees Shamsher coming and leaves whistling. Aradhya looks surprised and sees Shamsher coming.

Shamsher yells at Aradhya to stop her drama. She asks what happened to him. Arjun watches from window and smirks. Bhavri sends Arjun and Aradhya’s intimate video to Shamsher. Arjun thinks aaji amma did her job and sent pics. Arjun enters and says Aradhya they should tell truth to Shamsher. Aradhya asks what truth. Shamsher shows intimacy pic and asks what will

she say now. Aradhya says Arjun is framing her. Shamsher drags her out of house. Anjali tries to stop him, but he asks her to stay away. Bhavri with mama enters and asks Aradhya what new drama she played. Aradhya says she did not do anything and is wrongly alleged. Shamsher says she was intimate with Arjun. Bhavri shouts Arjunn…Arjun comes and tells Aradhya again to tell truth to everyone that they love each other. Aradhya says he is lying. Bhavri shouts to kick her out. Arjun points gun at Shamsher and warns not to touch Aradhya. Shamsher starts yelling next. Aradhya says Arjun framed her, he acted as slipping and when she held him, he pulled her towards him and hired photographer to click their pics, she will prove it within 24 hours. Bhavri shouts if she does not prove her innocence in 24 hours, she will walk out with her bags silently. Aradhya agrees. Anjali consoles her.

Aradhya gets ready wearing bridal sari and sindhoor. Shamsher watches her and leaves. He goes to another room and remnisces watching Aradhya and Arun’s intimate video. Anjali comes in and requests him to listen to her mobile clipping once. He hesitantly agrees. Aradhya goes to Arjun’s room and asks why he is troubling the person he loves. He sees her mobile on and thinks she must be recording his statement or Shamsher must be listening to their conversation. He asks when Shamsher knows about their affair, he should back off. Shamsher fumes and warns Anjali to stay away from Aradhya. Aradhya asks Arjun why is he lying. He shows her mobile and says she was recording his statement, confesses his crime and says everything is fair in love and war.

Mama asks Munmun if she thinks Aradhya will prove herself innocent. Munmun says let Aradhya, Shasmher, and Arjun fight and die, they should concentrate on Bhavri. She says if they spare her she will become power house after winning elections, so they should destroy her money power by destroying her liquor factory. Mama likes her idea.

Precap: Mama enters liquor factory to set fire. Shamsher is seen inside factory, drinking liquor.

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