Piya Rangrezz 16th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Piya Rangrezz 16th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Veer meets Sadhus. Sadhu asks what he needs from him. Veer says he tried his best to kill Bhavri, but she escapes each time. Sadhu says coming holi will bring full moon/poonam night and he has to sacrifice a new bride on that day, only then his wish will fulfill. Veer thinks of Aradhya and thinks she will die on holi day. He thanks baba for giving him solution. Sadhu gives him taweez and says once he wears it, he will get godly powers and until it is in his neck, nobody will harm him. Shamsher calls him and asks till when he can reach haveli. Veer says 20 min and asks what happened. Shamsher asks to reach home soon. Veer says let us meet his target, new bride Aradhya.

Veer reaches haveli. Shamsher says aji maa’s life is at risk. Veer asks who. Shamsher says someone in

front of him, but is not seen. He sees Veer’s injured feet and asks what happened. Veer says he was running behind thief and got injured and asks if he doubts someone. Shamsher says no. Veer asks then is he guessing. Shamsher says he heard someone telling this, so he wants him to arrange aji amma’s security and even install CCTV footage. Veer says whomever said this must be mistaken. Shasmsher says Aradhya told, but he cannot take chance with Aji amma’s life. Aradhya knocks her room door. Veer asks who is it. Shamsher says aji amma locked Aradhya in a room thinking she is behind all this. Veer says Aradhya is a doc and has taken oath to save people. Shamsher asks him to forget that and send someone to install CCTV cameras.

Veer walks towards Aradhya’s room. Aradhya thinks she should not let anyone know what is happening at home, especially policeman. Veer comes in front of her. She says aji amma is cute and is punishing like a child. Veer says she is Tilakraj’s daughter and cannot see her like this. She says she is fine. He says Chanda prasanda, he will get her out of all her problems. She looks at hsi taweez and thinks why is she getting afraid of him like he is stranger.

Techinician fixes CCTV cameras and tells Shamsher he installed cameras wherever he instructed to fix. Shamsher gives him money and sends him. Bhavri says Munna is there to protect her and anyways Aradhya is locked, so who will harm her. She orders him to come and have food. Aradhya calls loudly to come and let her out for 5 min. Arjun tries to leave, but Bhavri stops him and orders to sit.

Naani takes Aradhya’s side. Bhavri shouts she does not who Aradhya’s father is. Naani says she knows everything from Arjun killing her father to Shamsher forcefully marrying live on TV, etc., even then she came here as bahu. Bhavri orders her to have food silently and go to her room.

Aradhya sits on floor thinks why nobody is trusing her. Shamsher passes by her room and sees her missing. He thinks if she eloped, then sees lock from outside. She gets up. He gets afraid and shouts if she is mad. She pleads to open door as she has to go to washroom. He walks. She shouts if he does not get susu. He opens door and drags her to another room and says he is waiting outside. She asks him to stay far as she won’t be comfortable. He shouts this is not 5 star hotel. She insists. He says okay and asks not to be oversmart. Bhavri comes towards room. He runs and stops her and says he saw she did not have food properly, so he was coming to scold her. She says he can scold her later. He stops her again and asks her to go and have food first. She leaves. He goes, gets Aradhya, and locks her in store room again. She thanks him. He says she would have littered whole place, so he let her free herself.

Veer comes to Bhavri’s haveli wearing sari blouse and thinks he will kidnap bhavri’s grand daughter in law and will escape all CCTV cameras as she knows their location.

Bhavri walks towards Aradhya’s room holding milk. Shamsher in sleep reminisces Aradhya’s words what someone wants to kill Aji amma. He wakes up and thinks even he saw medicines exchanged, launidya has confused her, he has to meet her and get truth out of her. Bhavri opens Aradhya’s room door. Aradhya thinks it is Shamsher. Bhavri comes keeps milk glass on table and comes near her.

Precap: Bhavri asks Aradhya how does she know Chanda and why did she call her here.

Update Credit to: MA

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    Unite shamsher & aradhya…

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