Piya Rangrezz 16th June 2015 Written Episode Update


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Sher plays shooting game with his rival lady. He shoots himself first and escapes. She tries and escapes. He tries again and escapes. She tries and is about to shoot herself when Sher pushes her hand and saves her. Shraddha hears bullet sound and shouts Sher’s name. Rival lady’s goon catches her. Rival lady asks Sher why did he save her. He says she called herself a torture, so thought of sparing her to bear her own torture. She extends friendship hand and says if they unite, they can earn more than his amma Bhavri.

Puppet goon enters and she angrily asks why did he enter without her permission. He says some was spying in. She asks to bring in and once Shraddha is brought in, she points gun on her and asks who sent her. She asks her to tell before she counts 3 and is

about to shoot when Sher pushes her hand and says Shraddha is his wife. Rival lady laughs and says husband’s love brought shraddha here. She says she has accepted partnership with him, so she is sparing his wife’s life. She says he told her on right time that Shraddha is his wife, else her goons would have killed her long ago. She asks Shraddha not to come back again, else she will shoot her. Sher tries to leave with Shraddha, but rival catches him and says she made a partnership with him, so he should accept her token of love. She kisses his cheek and says this seal was necessary for their partnership. Shraddha feels jealous and angry seeing it and leaves with Sher.

Shraddha sits in Sher’s jeep. He asks her to get out of his jeep and leaves alone. Shraddha sadly watches him going. Sumer who is waiting for her asks what happened. She goes and sits in car.

Sher then goes to Bhavri’s hospital mom. She asks why did he agree for a partnership with their rival. He says she has backup of goons who will die for her, so he will use her goons to finish their enemies. Bhavri starts staring at him. He asks why is she staring like madamji/Shraddha. She wipes lipstick from his cheek and asks where did he make his face red. He realizes why Shraddha was staring at him. Bhavri asks to speak. He says he got friendship seal from his lady rival who calls herself torture rani. Mama asks if he got seal in front of Shraddha. Sher changes topic and asks doc when can amma go home. Doc looks at Bhavri and tells she has tests pending tomorrow and he can only tell after that. Once doc and Sher leave, Bhavri says she is thinking what game will that new lady will play with her son.

Bhavri wakes up seeing a shadow of gunman outside her hospital room. She wakes up mama. They panic hearing bullet sounds and pick their guns. A letter on stone fall in front of her and she reads that next time bullet will be in her chest.

Sher’s goons tell him that they doubt laal ghoda lady/rival torture rani must have tried killing amma and they will not spare him. Sumer asks to wait until sher’s orders and tells Sher they have to find out who it is. Shraddha silently er asks him to follow him and not bring anyone with him this time. Shraddha silently watches him going.

Precap: Torture rani enters Bhavri’s room with her armed goons.

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  4. Why she kisses Sher cheek..

  5. Rani kissed sher to make shraddha jealous . And gradually shraddha will fall in love with sher .

  6. Rani did this to make shraddha jealous . And gradually shraddha will fall in love with sher .

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