Piya Rangrezz 16th July 2015 Written Episode Update


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Sher in a fit of rage starts breaking Pankaj’s office items and warns Pankaj’s partner to stay away as he is Sher singh.

Maama discusses about a new contractor with Bhavri. Vikas comes running and informs Bhavri that Sher is fighting in his new office and guards are holding him. Bhavri calls Pankaj’s partner and says she heard her son is ransacking his office. He says he has forgiven Sher. Bhavri orders him to get him arrested, else she will open her new arrack factory in his office. Maama and Vikas ask what is she doing. She says she wants to teach Sher a lesson and make him realize that she is his mother.

Shraddha reaches police station and pleads inspector to free Sher. Inspector says he cannot leave him and will present him in court tomorrow. Bhavri comes

there and asks how dare he is to arrest her son. Inspector starts slapping himself and asks constables to get snacks for Bhavri. Bhavri says she did not come for his service and asks him to write a complaint against Sher’s boss instead. She tells Sher to stop listening to Shraddha. Sher asks inspector if he is not Bhavri’s son, if he had freed him. He says he will not until complainant takes back complaint. He says complainant will not, so he can keep him arrested. Bhavri angrily walks out of police statino angrily. Vikas suggests her to call owner and ask to take case back. Maama says it will tarnish jiji’s image. Vikas says it is the only way as Sher is also egoistic and is under Shraddha’s influence.

Shraddha reaches Sher’s office and pleads bosses to take back their complaint. They agree after a bit hesitation and reach police station with with her. Reporters are busy interviewing Sher and he accepting his mistake. Bosses take their complaint, and inspector asks reason. Bhavri says Shraddha pleaded and bent in front of them and says Sher if he had listened to her, bahu should not have bent in front of them. Shraddha says she did not bend and just make them realize their mistake. Bhavri taunts Sher that he lost his job now and what will he do now. She gives back 5000 rs advance to boss and leaves after taunting Sher some more.

Shraddha makes Sher realize his mistake and says if people salute him due to fear, it is not respect and if they do it by heart, it is. He will have to find a job which will get him respect. They walk on a road and stone hits Shraddha via passing car. Sher gets angry seeing blood from her forehead and throws stone breaking car’s glass.

Precap: A man comes out of car followed by his security guards after Sher breaks his car’s glass.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I think the new entry is of naman shaw as the spoiler say so.he will be a character opposite bhavri.anyway today’s episode was better then yesterday. feeling sad for sraddha as she is hurt.

  2. Who is the new man?

    Today’s episode was good??

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