Piya Rangrezz 16th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Piya Rangrezz 16th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhavri describes how Sher and Shraddha died after a fire accident leaving 2 twins for her. She says even after 20 years, she rules over Azamgarh. Her car passes through village. Two men discuss that she lost her son and has become too strong now after bearing so much pain. Bhavri stops her car and throws gold necklace on them. They chant her name. She says again even today she is fight with hear fears.

Bhavri’s car reaches at a tender auction venue. Mama gets out and asks Bhavri to come out. She opens door with leg in her usual style and comes out and says her opponent is afraid of her, when will he come. Tilak Raj Chaudhry comes with body guards, greets Bhavri and taunts that she will get a shock today. She says she likes his witty taunts. Auctioner address people and

says Tilak Raj Chaudhry’s bidding amount is lesser than Bhavri Devi, so contract goes to him. Bhavri fumes. Tilalk taunts her that he likes burning her and asks till when she will burn. She says she got burnt under sun and he cannot even touch her. She removes her veil and he gets afraid seeing her half burnt face. She says she loves troubling him and will not rest until she wins. She gets into car with mama. Mama asks when she is have such a vast business, why is she behind small alcohol tender. She delivers a big dialogue and asks where is Arjun. Mama says he must be roaming on his bullet and praises that he is hanuman of their lanka.

Arjun is seeing riding bullet in village. A man beats his wife for giving him cold water for bath. She apologizes. He asks her to tell that she is a lazy woman. She says she works hard whole day, even then she will apologizes. She holds his legs. Arjun comes and man gets afraid. Arjun gets down from bullet and says an innocent woman is being beaten by ruthless man. He gives him wooden stick and asks him to beat his wife now. He tells wife it is her mistake to marry such a cruel man. Man apologizes Arjun. Arjun asks him to apologize wife. Man hesitates. Arjun pushes him on woman’s feet. Man apologizes. Woman forgives him. Man asks if he will ask to touch her feet now. Arjun says he will if time comes. Everyone chant Arjun’s name. Woman blesses Arjun to get a nice girl like him.

A girl is seen coming out of car and smiling with sparkling teeth. Arjun thanks her and leaves on his bullet while people chant Arjun bhaiya zindabad. Woman tells man she will get him hot water. Man angrily tells that he handled issue, else Arjun would have complained Bhavri.

Man goes to Bhavri and cries. Mama taunts him he is shameless to apologize his wife. Man says Arjun forced him. Bhavri says Arjun did right and says he shivers in fear in front of Tilak and is venting his anger on his wife. Arjun comes and man runs.

Arjun touches Bhavri’s feet and she backs off. Bhavri says he and his brother are troubling her a lot and both are very soft. Arjun picks a big suitcase and says his body is strong like an iron. Bhavri asks him to get it down and says his body is strong and heart very soft. He asks what he should do. She asks him to go first and check their agricultural land. He says she and brother must be planning to harm an innocent, so she is send him from here. Bhavri asks if Tilak Raj is innocent. Arjun says if she smiles, he will go. She smiles and he leaves.

Mama tells Bhavri till when tiger’s son will eat grass. Bhavri says even she is thinking same and asks if Shamsher reached venue. Mama says yes. Bhavri says now Tilak Raj is finished.

Precap: Shamesher via binoculars looks at Tilak Raj’s daughter and asks servant if she is Tilak Raj’s daughter. Servant says 100%.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Omg! SAMSHER is Sher.
    That gal is going to be the crush of both these brothers together at same Tym. I miss Sherda moments n also Kritida a lot. I wish they bring her back on some or the other role.

    1. Hey I didn’t watch the episode so you can say that who playing Arjun and shamesher please ?

  2. All this time we were watching sher and shraddas love story and wanted to see Iit develop!! Why haveyou wasted all our ttime if you were going tokill them. Story writers have all messed Iit up and I won’tbe watching this shit pprogramme anymore

  3. I thought ol will be new entries
    Thank god sher n shraddha is der in this show ?
    Until this 2 r der I will watch it ?

  4. I really miss sherdha I really miss his sentence sher singh tumhare liye jaan de bhi sakta hai jaan le bhi sakta hai
    I really very miss them and the new story track is boring and stupid
    the heroine is not beautiful like shradha and the new character of bajaj is negative
    I really hate that

  5. Tammy the guy from do dil ek jaan leap lead the son of the lead characters and sher is shamsher singh

  6. i keepwatching it since now. now it became most worse.

  7. its more beautiful Arjuna is more handsome than even sher

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