Piya Rangrezz 15th September 2015 Written Episode Update


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Sher standing near his jeep reminisces Shradda’s mother and Bhavri telling Shraddha was tired of life with him, so she left him. He drives his jeep back to Shraddha’s parent’s house and shouts that he knows she is inside house and is testing him, he will not go until she comes out. Shradha cries inside home and reminsces her happier days with Sher. She peeps from window and sees Sher standing. Her father says she is not here, else seeing his condition, she would have come out.

Bhavri gives Aditya bundles of money and says she is returning more than he invested and asks what does he need more. Aditya says she is risking her relationship with her son and says these bundles are very light and says she should first make a list of all her property and wealth she has and

give it to him. When he has taken such a big risk, he should get a big return. Bhavri fumes. He says make a list and meet him without being inebriated, until then he will wait for her. Maama hears their conversation peeping. Aditya says he is a real munna and should not hear other’s conversation and says now that he has heard everything, he should go and help his jiji make a list.

Bhavri tells mama the way he spoke her, he is not alone and someone is behind him, if he shows video footage to Sher, she will fall in his eyes. Mama asks what he should do now. She asks him to make a list of all her wealth. He says she is planning something. She says she worked hard to gather this wealth and will not give it to anyone easily. Mama praises her brain and leaves to make a list.

Sher reaches home and reminisces his promise made to Shraddha. He then looks at divorce papers and reminisces Bhavri’s and Shraddha’s parent’s words. Chanda brings him food. He throws it and asks how dare she is to enter his room and warns not to enter again. Chanda says bhavri told to give him food. He says she does not need to worry for him, this is his and ..Bhavri enters and says it is Shraddha’s room and says if Chanda would not have removed bullet from his chest, he would have died. Why don’t he understant, Shraddha left him and he should forget her. He says he cannot. she asks what should she do to make him believe. He says if Shraddha says herself, he will. He continues that marriage is between 2 people and anyone cannot break it easily. He will clash with Shraddha some day and then he will question her, until then she should keep quiet and says 3rd person’s interference is worst.

Bhavri goes to Shraddha’s parent’s house. Dad greets her. Bhavri asks if he is trying save relationship and says Shraddha has signed divorce papers and instead of making drama, they should get out. Parents walk out. Bhavri says Shraddha her 2 men are spying on her and giving report of her each moment, so she cannot escape. She asks her to and meet Sher in a market place and act as hating him. Shraddha agrees. Bhavri throws money bundle and leaves.

Sher wakes up and sees Chanda trying to mix medicines. Chanda gets afraid. He asks her name and apologizes for shouting at her yesterday. She says he does not need to apologize and should not scold either loudly, else her job will be at risk. Sher agrees. Chanda wishes for his wish to be fulfilled soon. Just then, Bhavri’s puppet calls Sher and informs that Shraddhais trying to escape ina bus. He informs Chanda that god heard her wish and leaves.

Bhavri praises her puppet for acting well. Puppet says he is from Allahbad, so he is born actor. Bhavri says now he has to see Shraddha’s actiing. Sher comes and starts searching buses. He sees her standing aside holding bus ticket. Abhi mujhme kahin baki thodi si hai zindagi….song plays in the background..Just when she is about to board bus, Sher holds her. She hugs him tightly and cries. Bhavri fumes seeing her hugging Sher.

Precap: Shraddha says Sher that she made a mistake of loving him and now she wants to correct her mistake. Sher shoots bullets in air angrily.

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  1. Lv d show..bhavri shud b hanged..

  2. This show is soo stupid.there is no head and take of the story… At first I thought the show will hit but by seeing all this I think god nie know what is gonna happen…total flop

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