Piya Rangrezz 15th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Piya Rangrezz 15th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhavri orders his goons to shoot child if the find him. Mama asks what is the use of it. Bhavri yells and takes him in. Child watches from behind trees.

Shraddha grinds turmeric sticks shedding tears. Gajra asks her to calm down. Shraddha says crying is in her fate now..

Bhavri amd mama come to check decoration and sees Vikas blowing balloons. His jokergiri starts. Bhavri asks him to bring guests. Sher asks Shraddha if she ground haldi. She says yes. He asks to bring it then.

Sher’s haldi starts. He asks amma to come and apply haldi on him. Bhavri comes and smiles looking at Chanda in a bridal attire. Sher looks at Shraddha and thinks at least she should stop this and tell she will not go away from him. Bhavri thinks he is looking at Chanda and asks if he is

mesmerized seeing his amma’s choice. Aditya says beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. Vikas asks what bulb holder. Aditya explains it in hindi. Bhavri applies haldi on Sher. Shraddha sheds tears. Guests also start applying hald while shraddha sees sadly. Lady asks which haldi is it. Bhavri says it is special haldi grounded by special person. Guest says it is bride’s turn now. Bhavri asks Shraddha to come and apply haldi on her younger sister.

Gajra comes to kitchen and sees bottle in dustbin and child’s foot prints and realizes child must have done something, so she runs to stop guest applying haldi on sher and chanda.

Shraddha sadly walks towards Chanda to apply haldi when Gajra comes running and throws haldi bowl. Bhavri shouts at her. Gajra says she saw a bottle and child’s footprints on floor, so she thought something is in haldi and threw it. Sumer checks bowl and says it has poison. Bhavri asks Sher if he is fine. He says he is and thinks chanda’s haldi had poison. Bhavri starts shouting at Shraddha and says she mixed poison and is behind child’s drama. Sher asks her to let the function finish, later they can enquire. He finds haldi bowl empty and gives haldi from his cheek. Ladies apply haldi on chanda and asks guests to go now. Vikas shoos them all.

Sher asks Sumer to lock doors and tighten security. He says marriage rituals should stop until this problem is solved. Bhavri shouts again that Shraddha is behind this and changed her mind, so she does not want to go and diverting everyone’s attention and continues yelling. Sher says if she proves that Shraddha is culprit, he will punish Shraddha the way she says. Bhavri asks how to prove it, Shraddha is very intelligent and experts in tricks. Sher says she cannot save her family, what tricks she will play. Mama says child is ghost. Sher says if child is ghost, why would he try to throw vase on him, he saw even child’s blood in godown. Bhavri says only Shraddha can do it.

Precap: Baloon bursts and a pic falls in front of Sher. He shows it to Bhavri.

Update Credit to: MA

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