Piya Rangrezz 15th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Piya Rangrezz 15th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shamsher drives car with Aradhya. Aradhya thinks why did her dad forced him to stay with this man. Shamsher thinks he hates her so much, he pushed her into red light area and she went in without hesitation, she has made up her mind to kill or die. She thinks if he would have waited for sometime, she would have got culprit’s name. Shamsher thinks whether she is telling truth or not, he cannot risk Aji amma’s life. He reaches home, goes to Bhavri’s room and checks medicine and thinks if Aradhya was telling truth.

In the morning, Aradhya gives medicine to Bhavri. Shamsher calls her rude to come along and takes her out. Bhavri thinks she thought Shamsher would teach laundiya a lesson, but she is getting more stronger, so she has to take charge now.

Shamsher takes

Aradhya out and says he thinks she called traitor goon. She says no and says if he does not trust, it is up to him, but he should realize someone from home is trying to kill Aji amma. He gives her 5 lakhs and asks her to call goon on highway and leaves. Munna mama and Munmun listen to their conversation hiding. Munna calls Veer and informs that Aradhya told Shamsher that an insider is trying to kill Bhavri and called goon on highway, he should go and kill goon before that. Veer rushes in his jeep and jeeps get punctured. He runs on road and falls. He gets up again and runs via cliff and reaches place before Sher and Aradhya reaches. Aradhya calls goon to come out. Veer kidnaps goon, takes him out and frightens him that he will kill him now. Goon pleads to spare him. Veer asks to write as he says and fix it on Shamsher’s car, else he will shoot him.

Aradhya calls goon, but he does not pick call. He silently fixes letter on car’s wiper and runs away. Veer catches him again and takes him along. Aradhya tries to call goon unsuccessfully. Shamsher sees note on winshield which reads he got cunning and lied her, Tilakraj is real culprit and tried to kill Bhavri. He is going far away and she should not try to catch him. Aradhya blames Shamsher for bringing gun and frightening goon. Shamsher shouts her father is culprit. Aradhya asks what about aji amma’s medicine. He says it must be her. She says it is waste talking to him. He angrily leaves. She thinks she has to find out culprit and prove she is right.

Bhavri enjoys lunch with family. Aradhya comes and says she wants to tell her something and says someone wants to kill her. Everyone look at her shockingly. Aradhya says it is an insider who exchanged blood pressure medicine. Bhavri asks if she knows what she is saying. Aradhya says she came to know about it some days ago and was finding proof, but thought of informing her before culprit kills her. Bhavri asks if she means her family member wants to kill her and asks to speak directly instead of alleging indirectly. She trusts her family and everyone is ready to die for her. Aradhya says she is not sure yet, but.. Bhavri shouts at her to shut up and says she will get punishment for steal yesterday. Arjun tries to stop her, but gets silent. Aradhya drags her and locks her in a room. Aradhya says murderer is in this house. Bhavri orders not to give her food for 3-4 days and says she is a doctor and must have changed medicine. Munmun smirks and leaves with mama.

Precap: Aradhya pleads Shamsher to open door and let her go to washroom. He shows her washroom and warns not to play any trick. He then gets tensed seeing Bhavri coming.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Nyz pracp….
    I love Soo much samsher…..
    i lyk shasher voice …. that jzt awzm….

  2. shamsher is soooooo cute and handsome
    but i HATE ARADHYA

  3. Lv tdy epi and i like shamsher acting vr much

  4. Shamsher is becming kind to aaradhya

  5. I hv jst start to wach this shw and it is nice. Shamsher is aswm and new aaradhya is also good lk their silly fght

  6. next epiii plzzzzz…..

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