Piya Rangrezz 15th July 2015 Written Episode Update


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Sher gets ready for his job interview. Sunehri gives Shraddha pooja thali. Sumer says he got bhaiyaji’s marks sheet xerox. Bhavri fumes seeing that, asks Ganga to bring tea. Gajri says she already prepared it for her. Sher taunts Bhavri that he is burdened under her debts. Shraddha then performs his aarti and wishes him good luck for his interview. Sher touches amma’s feet and asks her to bless her lalla. She says he jeep he is going in is bought from her illegal money and ask to give back keys. He gives keys and leaves saying bye to Shraddha. Bhavri signals Vikas to get to his work.

Sher reaches an office where people touch his feet. New guard does not identify him and holds his hand. Owner comes running and asks guard to apologize thakur saheb. He apologizes Sher and

takes him in. In cabin, he says he would have called him instead. Sher says he came to seek a favor and needs job. Owner gets tensed and says he is indebted under his endless favors and he can own his company. Sher says if he wants to favor him, then he should give him job on his talent. Owner says one employee left jobs 2 days ago and he can give him that job. She asks what salary he will get. Owner says, 15, 30, 50,000 rs. Sher asks what was old employee getting. Owner says 15,000 rs. Sher says even he needs 15,000 rs. He asks him to give advance. Owner says he can. Sher says he needs what he gives to hsi employees. Owner takes him to accounts department and gives him 5000 rs advance.

Sher reaches home at night with gifts for everyone and gives 5000 rs to Bhavri saying he got a job and it is his hard earned money. He touches her feet and takes blessing. Bhavri is shocked. He then asks Shraddha to serve food and asks Bhavri to eat his hard-earned food. She says she cannot digest that. Sher then calls Shraddha as Shraddha Sher Singh and gives her gift.

Sher wears his night dress and waits for Shraddha nevously. Shraddha comes smiling and shying. she takes her bed to sleep on floor, but sees Sher clean his bed, smiles and sits next to him. Sher gets nervous and looks at her. She shies and walks holding pillow. Dheere dheere…..song…plays in the background. She then sleeps on floor, gets up to go near him but sees him sound asleep. Sh.e then goes back to sleep. Sher wakes up and smiles seeing her. Their hide and seek continues and Sher then falls asleep.

In the morning, sher attends office and feels sleepy. He sleeps on desk and then wakes up and scolds employees. They apologize him. He sees an injured an with broken limb enters with his wife and requesting accountant to clear his balance. Another employee says he is the one who was forced to leave. Account tells man that he cannot as boss denied. Sher interferes and asks account to clear his balance, else he will repent. Accountant asks who is. Sher says if he says who he is, he will die in fear. He is about to slap him when another owner holds and asks who is he to hit his employee and asks guards to throw him away. Owner Pankaj interferes and asks man to not confront Sher as he is Bhavri’s son and he employed him as he does not have to pay hafta/royalty to Bhavri. Sher hears that and pins down Pankaj saying he told him to give job based on his talent, but he tried to use him. He says he will show him what it means to confront him and starts breaking things.

Precap: Bhavri calls Pankaj asks him to get Sher arrested for his mistake.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Shardha ji please get close to sher and share each others happiness

  2. loved sher and sraddha’s sweet hide and seek
    but didn’t like the ending of the episode. if this goes on how will sher win the challenge?

  3. Ho…nyc episode. ..hide&seek?…hoooo ok what’s this bhavri wants. …..bad precap….

  4. Sryyy..any1

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