Piya Rangrezz 15th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Piya Rangrezz 15th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhavri’s grandchildren dance on Radha teri chunri..song..on Arjun and Aradhya’s engagement ceremony. Bhavri also dances with them and thinks today Aradhya will die and Tilakraj will cry. Manohar’s friend brings letter for Bhavri, but Veer takes and reads and gets to know Manohar’s location.

Aradhya sees comes near buffett area and sees Shamsher having drinks. She tells if she can speak to him. He says yes. She says she is becoming bahu of this house and wants to patchup with him. He says she is dying anyways. She gets confused. He says he means Aradhya Choudry is dying and Aradhya Singh will be born. He then says she should not try to be friendly. She gets tensed. He says he is joking. Arjun comes and asks what are they discussing. Shamsher says just

chitchatting and leaves. Aradhya thanks Arjun for their engagement. He jokes with her and asks what gift she needs, roses or something. She says pink lips. They both laugh.

Shamsher sees Veer going towards his room and thinks why is he going into his room. Veer enters room, picks Shamsher’s gun and removes bullet magazine. He starts speaking over walkie talkie hearing Shamsher entering room. Shamsher asks what is he doing in his room. Veer says he was not getting signal, so came to his room. Shamsher says he would have to terrace. Veer’s puppet informs over walkie talkie that Manohar is running. Shamsher asks to stop him. Puppet says he is not stopping. Shamsher rushes out with Veer.

Bhavri orders to stop music and gathers guests for Aradhya and Arjun’s engagement. Her henchman target gun on Aradhya. Just before dorning ring, he asks Mama where are Anjali, shamsher, and Manohar. Mama sas Anjali must be in her room and Manohar has not returned since yesterday, so Veer and Shamsher have go in search of him. Arjun stands in front o Aradhya and henchman is unable to shoot her.

Veer asks Shamsher to go home, he and his men will bring Manohar home. Shamsher says he will not go without Manohar. He searches Manohar in jungle and asks Manohar to come out. Veer catches manohar and strangulates him with plastic bag. Manohar kicks him and runs out. He sees Shamsher and runs towards him pleading to save him. Veer shoots him on his head hiding between bushes. He then comes out acting innocent and asks Shamsher who shot Manohar.

Precap: Mama asks Shamsher who shot Manohar. Arjun also asks same. Munmun asks if he shot Manohar. Veer smirks standing near his car.

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