Piya Rangrezz 15th December 2015 Written Episode Update


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Shraddha gets labor pains. Whole family gets concerned and Bhavri asks Sumer to call doctor. Chanda comes back as old woman and asks why they stopped entertainment and says still a lot is left. She will go and light lamp in temple.

Sher takes Shraddha to her room and walks out leaving her with Bhavri. Chanda locks door from outside and watches from balcony. She lighs on match stick and throws it on curtain. Whole house catches fire due to kerosone. All guests panic and shout. Bhavri knocks door and shouts to open door. Shraddha also panics. Bhavri says she will check and touches door, but removes it as door is very hot. She continues banging door.

Sher gathers all guests in lawn and asks if everyone is safe. Everyone say yes. He asks Sumer to drop them outside.

He then asks where are Shraddha and amma. Vikas says he himself left her in room. Chanda calls him and removes her makeup. Sher strangulates her neck. Chanda says they would have burnt like a tandoor by now. He throws her on floor and runs towards room. Chanda laughs.

Sher runs and opens room door, dorns blankets on Shraddha and Bhavri and takes them out of room. Fire increases and mama shouts to bring them soon. Sher sees wooden ladder falling, so he pushes Bhavri and Shraddha and takes it on himself. Bhavri’s face cathes fire while Shraddha falls on floor and writhes in pain.

Mama with others brings Sher, Shraddha, and Bhavri to hospital and doc takes them to ICU. Sunehri panics nervously. Vikas consoles her. Mama shouts that he will not spare Chanda and asks Sumer to go and inform police and not let Chanda out. Once Shraddha, Sher and jiji’s condition stabilizes, he will kill Chanda until she pleads for life. Sumer leaves.

Vikas silently tells mama that they wanted to kill them, but Chanda did their work, now they both can enjoy Bhavri’s wealth. Mama slaps him and says he is ashamed of himself to bear a son like him. He betrayed his own family. He just prays that his jiji, bhanjaji, bahuriya and children get well soon. He asks Vikas to get out and not show his face again. Vikas leaves.

Shraddha on operation bed reminisces wooden ladder falling on Sher and shouts where is Sherji and ammaji, how are they. Doc asks her to calm down as her condition is critical and she needs to be operated. Shraddha asks how is her husband. Doc says he is being treated and gives her oxyen.

Doc comes out and informs mama that sher is calling him. Mama goes in and sees Sher fully burnt except his face. He wiggles his fingers on Sher’s forehead. She wakes up and asks if ammaji and Shraddha are fine. Mama says they both are fine. Sher says he wants to meet Shraddha. Mama says he will. Sher asks to take him to Shraddha as every second is precious for him. Mama calls doc and Sher is taken next to Shraddha’s bed. Both Sher and Shraddha look at each other and hold their hands.

Sher tells Shraddha that he came here to see his daughters and to see if she is complaining against him. Children are born and doc congratulates them that they got 2 baby boys. Shraddha smiles at Sher. Sher says this is wrong, she fulfilled her wish. He dies holding Shraddha’s hand with open eyes.

Bhavri holds her grandsons and thinks they are her responsibility now.

Chanda who is completely mad now laughs in jail and says she loves Sher a lot. She vomits, holds her stomach, and smiles realizing that she is pregnant.

Precap: Sher’s one son is shown traveling in bullet and another watching nature from his binocular. Bhavri is also shown between them.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Omg. This has got to be THE worst ever serial. It was soo good in the beginning but they producers ruined it. It could have really been something. Such a waste. I feel sorry for kirtida that her first show was piya rangrezz, what a flop. At least now gaurav can spend some quality time with his wife and kirtida can maybe benefit from a few more acting classes. She is very nice but her acting unfortunately let a lot of the scenes down. Bhavri hands down was THE best actor in this show by far.

  2. Nooooo why sher died?? Why why why?? Every series are making fun of life..

  3. Wat the hell is this..I CNT believe it..they killed sher…?????

  4. wt the hell yar….anyway shraddha is also gonna die and Gaurav will play the role as his own son…one is gonna be like bhavri and the other will also be strong but good hearted.a girl will believe bhavri to be her ideal and will serve her….

  5. Wat the hell!! Bhavri rocks!!

    Except her whole serial is bullshit

  6. Ending shraddha n sher …it’s end of serial ..
    .very disappointing

  7. R u serious? Gaurav playing role as his own son? What a joke!! It’s too funny. I think the makers are turning it into a comedy lol. Well that’s the last I’m watching it. Held for a while as I thought it was going somewhere but obviously not..

  8. What the hell? I can’t believe that sher died, it’s good job I don’t watch it any more. Sher not there then there’s no point watching this. How can they kill sher, these writers just as you think the story is getting interesting the writers put the end to the story. Next will b chanda daughter comes and take revenge from bhavri Devi.

    1. Maybe daughter. Chanda will tell her daughter everything. The daughter will enter the boys lives and make them (or one) fall in love with her. She will begin her revenge plans. This is how the show is going to go on for the next few months. The same story, just a different show.

      1. Hw cn diz b possible dea??
        She wl b as a sister fr both the twins..
        Iguess she wl cum to the mehel nd make one of the twin against bhavridevi by revealing herself as shers daughter..
        Nd d most sensitive boy wl belv n her and try to gv justice fr his sis..

  9. Sorry sliped from my mouth on it could b chandas daughter or son.

  10. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON HERE..?? Sher’s dead?? That has got to be the worst thing going on in the show. This used to be my favorite show.. but now.. i’m not gonna watch it. WHAT THE HELL..

  11. This is for Angel… how the hell did Chanda get pregnant?????

    1. sher had consummated hi marriage with chanda.dnt u remember,chanda happily told bhavri and sher scolded her for telling in front of elders…..shraddha cried a lot to hear this….it was shown in serial dnt know if she is really pregnant…………

      1. chanda had drugged sher and consummated marriage cuz sher thought her to be shraddha when he was drugged

  12. I was thinking the same 2..hw did she get pregnant, I doubt her and sher consummate their marriage…These stupid shows have one thing in common, killing the lead the characters and unnecessary leap.

  13. How are they going to kill the main characters of the show?
    I hope the writers know that this show is going to be a flop

  14. I also wanted to know …. who got Chanda pregnant ? blo*dy insane crap ???

  15. gaurav will not quit he will play his son’s role..kritida quit show

  16. chanda preg?how?cz from long time she was in mental hospital.sher wasnt with her.then how can she get preg after too much time

  17. Chanda gave some drug to sher and they consummate their wedding but sher was senseless that weird though ???

  18. Mehak Kharoud

    What a bakvas……
    It is the worst ever show with the lead dying. Earlier it was my favourite show nd it was the best. But now i m not even willing 2 watch it. Ouffffff boring and irritating stuff.

  19. till today, i wasted 30 minutes watching this serial..no use..only complications between shradda & sher..i still remmbr d trailor of dz show..it reflectd an obsessive love story of shradda & sher..but now it seems it’s a story of chanda’s obsession..morova, chanda ws in mental hospitl fo months, dn how she got pregnant? oh may b any doctor or ward boy of d hospital md her pregnt..thank god! now i wont waste my time watchng dz serial nemor..bettr to watch cartoons..

  20. how Chanda get pregnant wat the hell

  21. Oh no….
    So baddd…. writers u shudnt hv done lyk diz..
    Bt one thng d writers did good ws tat they killd BOTH the main roles..
    Guyz thnk wat wud hav hpnd if only one of them survived.?? T wl b really really very very bad..

    And thnks fr the team to make bhavridevi alive.. if she too ws made to quit d shw dn it wl b totally a bullshit..

    Shraddha though she ws dumb in d shw fr lil extent, i luvd hr character second most (first is obvious bhavridevi).. i want shraddha back.. let her enter the shw once again as partner for one of the twins…

  22. Wahat the hell how this chanda becane pregnent

  23. Piya Revenge Rage would be a befitting title to this show. Main leads are dead , Chandha is allowed to survive. Viewers are in for more revenge . saw a clipping where Jr. sher kidnaps a lady which is being surreptitiously watched by some one whose back is shown. may be it is Chanda . Negativism in this show surpasses all limits. The promising beginning of the show to showcase the changing of an uncouth and arrogant youth turned a better human being by the unconditional love of his wife & eventually becoming a patriarch has gone with the wind. Ultimate message given is evil prevails over good. Sorry to say , witnessed most absurd twists & turns in this serial.

    1. Hmm.. yup ur crct…
      Piya revenge rage must be the titl of this serial..?

  24. I have just started watching this show this week, was liking it but Sher is dead . So sad 🙁 I think this is the first hindi show which I only saw for a week. Won’t watch this show.

  25. Why do the leads in most life ok shows die? First Samar and now Sher :/

    1. u r right…. fatarajo(joyee)

  26. oh my God this is totally………. I can’t explain in word that …..how angry and dispointed am I ………..and how could chanda pregnant.?????????
    my God………..this is backwas…….if sher will be his son then kirtida should not leave this show…..

  27. Please kirtida come back

  28. Kya koi mujge batyega k how chanda is pregent????
    And now show watching wilk be no use as show will revenge to be taken by chanda’s son or daughter and will reapet the same things….
    Isse accha to happy ending kr dete show ki

  29. sher i miss u

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