Piya Rangrezz 14th September 2015 Written Episode Update


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Sher looks at Shraddha’s pic and says she cannot leave him just by signing divorce papers. Chanda enters. He asks who is she, why did she enter his room. Bhavri comes and says she is the one who saved him in jungle and sends Chanda. Sher asks where is Shraddha. Bhavri says if he wants her to tell that she forced Shraddha to sign divorce papers and leave them, then she will and take all the blame on her to make him feel good. She asks him to asks Shraddha herself why did she leave him when he meets her. She then leaves smirking asking him to take care of himself.

Mama serves alcohol to Bhavri and asks how can she sit calmly when Sher is doubting her. Bhavri says she trusts her lalla. He asks what if Sher will come know that she forced Shraddha to sign papers. Bhavri says

lalla knows she does not leave any proof and finishes her work without leaving any trace. Just then, she gets an MMS in which she points gun Sher and warns Shraddha if she will leave her son or not. Mama asks what is this. Bhavri shouts who dared to send this. Mama calls, but number is blocked. Aditya enters and says he hopes video and audio quality is good. Bhavri asks if he tries to trap her, she will not spare him and holds his collar. Aditya says she must have forgotten that he has complained against her to commissioner and even if he gets a scratch, commissioner will arrst her. If she tries to kill him, she will go to jail and will be hanged and if this video reaches Sher, her planning will fail and she will lose her lalla forever. She asks what and how much he needs. He says people are right, she is a shrewd businesswoman, but he needs time to know her true value and what he needs, until then good night. Bhavri fumes seeing him leaving laughing.

Chanda takes food for Sher, sees Sher getting ready, runs and informs Bhavri that Sher is getting ready to go out, she should stop him as his wounds have still not healed. Bhavri runs and asks Sher where is he going. He says to get answers for his questions. Mama asks him to go when his wounds are healed. Sher says he knows who is who here and wants to hear it from Shraddha, so he will not stop now. Sumer says he will accompany him. Sher says he cannot speak truth at all, then why he wants to come with him, says he will go alone and no one should follow him.

Mama asks Bhavri why did she let Sher go. Bhavri says she knows he will not find get his answers. Aditya enters and says he has Sher’s answers and says his day is made seeing Bhavri’s face and says he wants promised reward now. Bhavri asks mama to stay there and takes Aditya to his room.

Sher reaches Shraddha’s house. Shraddha’s parents apologize for Shraddha’s mistake and say they gave her good upbringing, but she insulted them all. Sher asks what are they telling. Dad says though it was forced marriage, Sher loved Shraddha a lot, but she ditched him and left him alone. Sher asks where did she go. He says she warned them not to inform him and left without informing where she is going. Sher leaves sadly. Shraddha’s mom looks at her broken photoframe and cries.

Bhavri gives crores worth of bonds and bundles of money to Aditya and asks him to go away from her life. He says she misjudged him and says he feels he will stay for a long time here.

Shraddha comes out after Sher leaves and cries hugging her mom. Mom asks why she is torturing herself by falling down in her husband’s eyes. Father says parents feel 100 deaths seeing daughter’s marriage breaking. Shraddha says she wants Sher’s happiness and can do anything for it. Sher walks near his jeep.

Precap: Sher searches Shraddha in buses and finds her standing a market place.

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