Piya Rangrezz 14th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Piya Rangrezz 14th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mama monitors servant getting grocies into godown and asks Sumer to go and guard outside. He then goes and sees all doors locked. He sees his phone missing and shouts for help. He sees smoke all over and thinks child must have spread fire. He shouts for help again and panics seeing a shadow and hides. Shraddha passes by, sees smoke coming, opens door and asks who is inside. He says mama. She asks what is he doing inside and what is this smoke. He says child wants to kill him. She says there is no one is here and helps him. They both see a child running out and getting injured. Mama panics, but she gets him out. Bhavri and Sher ask what happened to him. He says child wanted to kill her. Bhavri starts shouting at Shraddha. Sher disperses them all.

In room, mama starts chanting

hanuman chalisa and repeating child will kill him. Sher opens door and mama panics. Bhavri shouts at Sher that his wife is playing child’s drama. He asks which wife. She asks him not to be oversmart and says Shraddha madamji.

Sher goes to shraddha and shouts why is she playing child drama. She says she does not want to explain anything and reminisces child got injured while running. She takes him and Sumer to godown and shows blood on floor and door. Sher says that means child is not a ghost. Sumer says he is checking each person. Shraddha asks from where he is coming and where is he going. Sher says that means mama is right and asks Sumer not to tell mama, else mama will boast about himself.

Sher with Shraddha and Sumergoes to cook’s help’s room and asks her children to remove their pants. Children start crying. Shraddha consoles them and says she wants to check if they have leg injury and checks their knees, but don’t find any injury, so she apologizes and says she will send them food.

Sher tells Shraddha and Sumer if child has run from here, then he may not jump big compound wall. Sumer says maid’s children don’t have injury. Shraddha asks where child hides. Child is seen watching them from terrace.

Maama panics in fear. Bhavri asks Sumer to be with mama all the time. Sher enters with Shraddha. Bhavri asks where was he. He says child, laughs and says after marriage child comes, but this child came before marriage and is creating havoc. Bhavri says she will end this today with his and chanda’s haldi. Sher says he has become dark and wants to glow for marriage. Bhavri says she has brought golden haldi/turmeric for him. She asks Gajra to grind haldi and then get Chanda ready. Sher says she should let Shradha prepare haldi and apply it on him. He gives her turmeric and says rajas used to apply it, now she is lucky to apply him. Bhavri asks why is he troubling her. He says let her be and thinks Shraddha should tell that she still loves him. He asks Sumer what is greater than life. He says bhaiyaji’s order. Sher says if he makes mistake and power goes off, he will kill him. He then asks chanda to go and get ready like a queen as she is stepping into a new life with him, looking at shraddha.

Precap: Shraddha tries to apply haldi to Sher when Gajra throws it and says she found a bottle and child’s footsteps in kitchen. Sumer checks haldi bowl and finds fumes from it.

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