Piya Rangrezz 14th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Piya Rangrezz 14th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Munmun asks Arjun if Aradhya can steal jewelry. Arjun says Aradhya cannot do this. Shamshe says Arjun he is taking Bhabhi’s side and says laundiya/Aradhya is a thief and has come here for money. Bhavri and Shamsher both start yelling and alleging her and ask why did she steal precious jewelry. Aradhya says she does not know who it came in her bag. Bhavri orders Shamsher to teach her a lesson. Shamsher drags her from there. Arjun tries to stop, but Bhavri stops him and says it is husband and wife’s issue and he should not interfere.

Munmun holding jewelry thinks her lucky is good nowadays and reminisces how she stolejewelry and kept it in Aradhya’s bag. She thinks where Shamsher must have taken Aradhya.

Shamsher takes Aradhya to brothel and says she can

earn as much money as she likes. Aradhya angrily tries to slap him, but he holds her hand and warns that he will break her hands. He shouts that her customers are waiting her inside. She asks if anyone behaves with wife like this and says he is very low class. He shouts to stop shouting and go in. She says whole Azamgarh saw him marrying her and he is risking his dignity. He says bye bye and thinks she will come back and hold his legs. She walks in. He leaves in car. She goes inside bothel and sees prostiutes and rich men enjoying there and thinks she has to go back, but guard stops her. She says she wants to go from there. Brothel head Bijli says once someone comes here cannot go back without her permission. She checks Aradhya and says she looks beautiful, if she eloped from home. Aradhya says she came for some other work. Bijli laughs and says she will pay her 1 lakh.
Shamsher while driving car sees Aradhya’s bangle and reminisces her words that he is risking his dignity by pushing his wife in brothel.

Aradhya says she is a doc and came to examine girls. Bijli apologizes he and asks her maid to get the girls checked. Shamsher goes back to brothel and asks Bijli where is the girl who came some time ago. Bijli shows direction. Shamsher checks each room and then finds Aradhya with girls. He drags her from there out and asks why did she go in. She says he pushed her here. He says if she will obey to whatever he says and asks to shoot herself and die. She says she is already dead as she came here even after her husband is alive. He shouts why did she steal aji amma’s jewelry. She says she did not. He says she needed money, so she stole jewelry, what she is up to. She says she wants to prove her father innocent and the man who lied him promised to tell name of culprit and someone wants to kill Aji amma, not her father. Shamsher says it was her father. She asks then why someone tried to kill aji amma even afer her dad is dead. He does not trust her even then. She says then who gave hypertension medicine to aji maa when she needs hypotension medicines and reminds him of doc scolding nurse for messing up with medicines, etc. He shouts to shut up and drags her inside car. She asks not to touch her. He says he is her wife and can touch her and nobody can stop him. He tarts driving and yells that dad made mistake and daughter is defending him. She says her father had changed and she knows him. Shamsher reminisces servant telling Chanda’s incident.

Precap: When Bhavri is having food with family, Aradhya says someone wants to kill her by exchanging medicines and is present on dining table now.

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  5. Nice episode and yeah fantastic actor gurave s bajaj ? ? my lovely super hero
    Love his acting a lot ?

  6. love the acting of gaurav s bajaj
    but i seriously don’t like aradhya with him she don’t look nice with him
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  8. Sher had his chance, it should be Arjun and Aaradhya’s turn now. I hate that Shamsher married her and treats her so badly. Arjun’s character needs to step up. Aaradhya sleeps on the floor and gets bullied around and he doesn’t do anything, it’s frustrating.

  9. wr next epiii…

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