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Bhavri asks Shraddha to stay outsideand goes in. Sher asks Sunehri where did amma go. Sunehri says she saw he going into kitchen. Bhavri brings pooja thali and rice bowl and says Shraddha that till now she considered her as Sher’s wife, but from today she is her house’s bahu. She performs aarti. Bhavri blesses her and asks to do graha pravesh. Shraddha kicks rice bowl and steps into red water plate and enters home. Vikas dances and says he needs gift. Sher says he will stand outside itself. Bhavri takes money from Munna, revolves around Sher, gives it to Vikas and asks to enjoy and also arrange party tonight.

Bhavri then takes Shraddha to Sher’s room and gets angry seeing Chanda and Sher’s marriage pic. She throws photoframe and says Chanda was her life’s

biggest mistake. She thought Shraddha wanted to rule over this house, but she just needed her husband’s love. She troubled her a lot and is very guilty, god gave her daughter as her bahu and she tortured her instead. She apologizes Shraddha. Shraddha asks not to apologize as she is elder. Bhavri says she became great by forgiving her and says now her duty is finished, Shraddha should take care of this house and Sher. Shraddha says her responsibility starts now by taking care of 2 junior Shers. Bhavri says she and Sher will take care of their children and twists Sher’s ears. Sher smiles and says she is insulting him in front of his children. She smiles, blesses them and leaves locking door.

Sher gets romantic with Shraddha and says he troubled her a lot and don’t know if she will forgive her. She says she has already and now they will get only happiness. They both hug each other romantically. Chanda is seen roaming angrily in her hospital cell.

Whole family sits for dinner. Mama gets emotional and says these are happy tears. Bhavri says enough of emotions now, they should have food. Sunehri serves food. Bhavri asks when she is giving her good news and says she is already daadi and wants to become bua daadi. Sher jokes let Vikas grow up soon. Bhavri laughs and says now it is Sumer and Gajra’s turn and asks if they ready for marriage. They both get shy. Everyone laugh. Chanda is shown again angrily sitting on he hospital bed.

After a month, Sumer and Gajra’s marriage happens and they both enter Bhavri’s house as bride and groom. Sher gifts Sumer money. Sumer hugs him and then takes Bhavri and mama’s blessings. Sunehri becomes pregant. Whole family get very happy hearing dood news and discuss how the child would be showing pics. Itti si khushi, itti si hasi…song..plays in the background. Shraddha and Chanda’s pregnancies progress. Family then plays antakshari and enjoys.

Chanda escapes from mental assylum wearing nurse’s attire and with her schizophrenic gestures shouts she is coming back to take revenge from thakur saheb/Sher. She walks on road and slips on stone. She gets up and walks again.

Family continues antakshari. Vikas and Sumer dance wearing veil. Vikas tells on goad bharai ritual, he will wear plain sherwani. Sher says he looks good in woman’s attire and even Sumer. Mama laughs. Shraddha says Vikas is right. Sher says with her permission, even he will wear their marriage sherwani. Bhavri gets doc’s call who informs that Chanda escaped from mental hospital. Bhavri thinks she will not let Chanda come in between her lalla and bahu and Chanda will have to face her first.

Shraddha gets ready in her bedroom for goad bharai and while wearing earring, it falls. She gets tensed thinking how to pick it with her bulged tummy. Sher comes and picks it. She smiles and says he cannot see bride like this. He says he is looking at her smile and dorns her ear ring. She smiles looking at mirror. He asks not to stare mirror more, it will shatter in shyness. He then kneels down and asks if she will hold his hand whole life. She smiles and says what is the guarantee that he will not hold other woman’s hand. He promises that he will not look at anybody and not bend in front of anyone except to tie his daughters’ shoe laces. She says sons, not daughters. He argues girls and tries to kiss her. Gajra enters Sumer and jokes that ammaji spent a lot on doors and they should lock door. Sher says god gave her eyebrows and she should keep her eyes shut. Gajra says she came to pick her nephews’ mother and takes Shraddha with her. Sumer stares are Gajra and says she looks very beautiful. Sher jokes not to get lured by beauty, else he will lose his hair. Sumer pulls Sher’s hair and says they are strong. Sher hugs him and they both laugh.

Chanda disguised as old woman stands in between road. Mama stops his car and asks if she wants to die and asks if she has anyone in family to bury her. Chanda says she will do many people’s pind daan first, finish her responsibilities and then will die. Mama yells that her expiry date has come and leaves in car.

All ladies walk towards a separate room to party separately. Vikas with men says they all will come. Gajra says it is all-women’s party and he can enjoy alone and leaving after taunting him. Vikas beats Sumer in anger and even Sher and they all 3 laugh.

Bhavri’s guard check each guest at door and let them in. Chanda comes. Guard stops her and she she cannot enter. Chanda starts scolding him and says she is going with gangajal for atma shanti. A lady asks guard why is he stopping this old ill woman. Chanda sprinkles gangajal on her and guard and walks with lady. Guard asks what is her name. She ignoes and walk in. Bhavri calls guard and orders to shoot Chanda on her head if she comes there, else she will shoot him.

Shraddha’s goad bharai starts. Bhavri gifts her jewelry and performs ritual. All other guest ladies present their gifts and perform rituals. Bhavri smiles looking at Shraddha. Vikas, mama, Sher and Sumer enter wearing moustache and beard as musicians. Bhavri asks who are they and why are they entering in ladies party. Mama says they can to increase party’s entertainment. Bhavri permits them to play music. Shraddha identifies Sher and smiles. Sumer says he does not to play drum. Mama says even he does not know. They all four start playing loud music. Bhavri and others get tensed while Shraddha claps. Bhavri sees Sher’s half stick moustache and pulls it and then twists his ears. Sunehri removes Vikas’s beard and Gajra Sumer’s. Bhavri says when they have come in, let them entertain us.

Sher starts dancing with mama, Vikas, and Sumer on sar ghume chakkar gaye, panghat pe naache, nache re nache madhubala….song. He then drags Shraddha, Bhavri and others also and they all enjoy their dance.

Lady brings Chanda in and calls Sher. Sher and everyone surprisingly look at old lady. Chanda goes near Sher and says if he did not identify who she is. Vikas asks mama who is she. Mama says how does he know. Chanda says she is the one who held Sher first and blesses Sher. Mama says he identified her now, she came in front of his car to die and now came here to die. Chanda says she has black tongue and her words come true, she blesses Shraddha to live till god wishes. She tries to feed Shraddha, but Sher stops her and says Shraddha has specific time to eat. Chanda says she knows he is worried for his wife, but she made it from her hands and there is nothing in it. Sher lets her feed Shraddha and then himself. Mama gives her money and asks her to go now. Chanda says she does not need money and came here for peace of mind. She even brought gangajal from gangotri and will sprinkle it throughout whole house. She walks out while everyone starts dancing again.

Chanda sprinkles gangajal (kerosene actually) throughout whole house. Shraddha gets labor pains while dancing. Bhavri says let us take her to hospital. Chanda breaks pot after sprinkling kerosene on wall and shows her usual schizophrenic gestures.

Precap: Chanda sets fire and burns Bhavri’s house. Burning wood falls on Bhavri and Sher shouts ammmaaa..

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Wat is dis? Heard dt piya rangrez is going to take a 25yrs leap..Most of de characters including shraddha vil die..wat rubbish? ?y r de makers ruiruining a show by taking a leap. ..plzzz no need for a leap…let sher n shraddha’s love story blossom…no leap….didis vil ruin de story

    1. how muchu tell it is no use if cvs thought they will take a leap if cvs dont they wont . its upto us to watch it or not

  2. I actually thought this was the end of chanda. Sher and shraddha have hardly had any romance its ridiculous. The entire show was based on conspiracy so disappointing. This could have been a real hit 🙁

  3. Mehak Kharoud

    U all guys r totally right.
    There was no romance , No happiness
    Just sorrow and negitivity.
    This is just bcoz they r thinking 2 take leap.
    V want sher and sharddha together plz.

  4. Yeah guys this is disgusting

  5. I think shraddha and sher will die … and they will take leap..
    And I think this also that one child of shrr and shraddh chanda chura legi and dursa bharvi k sath rehega…
    But this leap was not required…
    Happy ending pr hi katam kr dete…

  6. Sali kutti kmini chanda ne show ki makiaakh kar hi di
    Writter babu dob mrooo???

  7. oh my God …….this is toooooo muchhhhh…….agar sher and sraddha will leave this show then ……I will not see it……..es show ki viewers kam ho jaegi……….
    🙁 ;(

  8. Please no need to take leap year.let sher and shradda spend some happy.momments.really disappointing

  9. Yes really i want to see sher n sradha happy life together.

  10. Oh no sher die and leave 3 kids not 2

  11. Please update fast of 15 dec episode…
    I missed the episode due to stupid power cut….

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