Piya Rangrezz 14th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Piya Rangrezz 14th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhavri asks pandit to perform both Sher and Shradha’s raj abhishek pooja. Pandit ties thread even on Shraddha’s hand and performs pooja. After pooja, Bhavri comes out with Sher. People who are waiting for her chant her name. Bhavri asks them to chant her son’s name from here. They chant Sher’sname. Sher raises his hands and waves on them. Shradda also comes out and surprisingly watches the situation.

Sraddha reaches her room back and smiles looking at Sher and her marriage pics. Sher comes and asks why did she do drama downstairs and says loyal does not have any value in life at all. She says he followed path of true on her insistence, now she wants to follow his path and requests him not to stop him, when he can go along wit her, why can’t she. Sher

asks her to understand what he is saying. Vikas comes and says people are waiting for him downstairs. He asks him to go. Vikas insists. Sher throws water glass on him, and Vikas leaves. Sher tells shraddha that he will come back and tell what mistake she did.

Maama tells Bhavri that sari laden Shraddha wants to rule over us. Bhavri says she is trying to compete with her and says Sher will handle her and confine her in a room. Aditya says she is going on a wrong path and says we succeeded by breaking Sher’s motto, but could not Shraddha’s. Shraddha loves sher a lot and can even die for him and is very dangerous for him. Maama gets afraid and leaves. Bhavri fills her alcohol glass. Aditya says she is underestimating Shraddha. Sheasks if he is on her side or Shraddha’s. He says he does not need to answer this and says she knows very well that he loves her. He says he has come from outside, so can evaluate her situation well, she should let Sher and Shraddha alone and if she tries to separate them,she will harm herself, so she should think of her life with him now. She gets irked and asks him to get out. He smiles and asks if she wants him to go permanently. She says out of room. Aditya smiles and leaves.

Party starts. A dancer starts dancing sensuously on beedi jalaile…Vikas starts dancing with him. He then gives alcohol glass to sher and then starts dancing again. Shraddha enters and Vikas stops dancing. Everyone look at her. She sits next to Sher closely. Sher gets her up and asks why did she come in male party. She says when she has entered his world, she should learn its rules and stop shying. Bhavri says bahuriya is telling right. She orders Sumer to bring alcohol glass. He gives it to her. She asks Shraddha to drink it as she also drinks.

Sher intervenes and says Shradha is doing this drama to bring him back on track. Bhavri says let her start drinking, whenever she will feel lonely to have alcohol, bahuriya will accompany her. Shraddha drinks alcohol in 1 gulp and asks Bhavri if she is accepted in her world now. Bhavri says 1 peg is for enemity and 2nd for frendship. Shradha just looks at Bhavri.

Precap: Sher drags Shraddha to their room and says its enough now. Inebriated Shraddha hugs her.

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