Piya Rangrezz 13th July 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sher gives mangalsutra to Shraddha and says listening to her words, he feels listening to her always. He keeps her bag back in jeep and is about to sit on his seat when Shraddha says she needs 1 more favor from him and asks him to forgive his amma and bail her out as she is his mother and did mistakes thinking of his benefit. Amma thinks shraddha is a menace for Sher’s life and should get rid of her, but she loves her son Sher a lot. Sher asks what mud she is made from, amma harms her always and she wants to bail her out. Shraddha says only love can finish hatred and requests him to bring Amma back home.

shraddha reaches home. Sunehri happily hugs her and says instead of luring her husband and controlling him, she obeys him and runs behind him. Shraddha smiles. Shraddha then gets

tea for Sher and asks him again to bring Amma back. He says he is surprised how can a mother do this with her own son’s life. She did not respect his feelings and used lies and betrayal for her benefit, whenever he will see her face, he will remember only betrayal. He requests her not to force him again. She silently leaves.

Bhavri scolds constables and asks if they got her bail. Lady constable says she has to be produced in court as her hearing is today. Bhavri gets tensed and asks where is munna. She says in court with lawyer. Inspector enters, asks constables to free Bhavri and says Sher took all his complaints and bailed her out. She asks how can he bail her out so early. He says her blood forced Sher to calm down and he is out waiting for her. He requests to forgive Sher and not punish him.

Bhavri gets out of lockup and leaves with Sher in his jeep. Sher gets her to their house and leaves silently inside home, leaving her in jeep. Maama and Vikas come running and start buttering Bhavri. They get Bhavri inside home. Bhavri says first she went to hospital and then jail, now she got emotional seeing her house. Maama and Vikas start buttering her again. Sumer comes and touches her feet. Shraddha then touches her feet, but Bhavri gets irked and starts scolding her. Sher gets irked and comes to steps to confront, but Shraddha signals him to stop.

Bhavri continues scolding Shraddha that she is a menace for Sher and her and is misleading Sher. Sher interferes and says she wanted to serve amma and now she should undergo amma’s torture. Amma/bhavri yells again and leaves. Sunehri asks Shraddha why did not she confront Amma. Shraddha changes topic and asks her to make arrangements for tonight’s dinner.

In room, Sunehri sees Vikas tensed and asks reason. He says he is not as Sher and bhavri united. She says even she is happy, but… He asks what but… she says nothing… Vikas says mother and son’s relationship is different, a son cannot be angry on mother for a long time, here it was not mother’s mistake all. He says he is confused how Sher changed his decision so suddenly, when he left home Sher was going out to drop Shraddha to her parent’s home but the whole situation was different. Sunehri says Shraddha forgave Bhavri and not Sher. He is surprised to hear that and thinks of using this in his favor.

Bhavri while enjoying alcohol with maama tells she is surprised seeing Sher’s changed behavior. Vikas enters and tells they should pack bags and leave as Sher threw all alcohol boxes in drain and stopped their liquor business.
Maama asks him to stop. Vikas signals him and says he will tell truth to bua/aunty and tells Sher bailed her out on Shraddha’s order and says slowly control is going to Shraddha’s hands.

Shraddha brings dinner for Sher and looks at him smilingly. Bhavri comes and throws food plate.

Precap: Bhavri challenges Sher to earn money loyally first and then think of closing her business. He challenges that within 1 month, he will show his worth.

Update Credit to: MA

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