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Veer gets ready in police uniform for his duty and informs his mom that he is going for duty. Mom does not come out. He drinks juice and calls her again. Mom is busy watching movie. He gets into her room and scolds her not to watch too much TV. Mom scolds not to show his khaki power on her. He says he is going to police station now and leaves. She asks to take care of himself.

Veer gets into jeep. Inspector greets him, but Veer drives car. Inspector runs behind jeep. Veer stops and asks why did he not inform that Shamsher buys elaichi from paan shop and orders him to get each info of Bhavri and his grandsons including what they read before sleeping and even Tilakraj and her daughter’s info. Inspector nods yes. Veer reminds him of his pending promotion. Inspector smiles.


hospital, Aradhya looks at Arjun’s mobile. Her friend comes in and taunts her that she should call or message Arjun. Aradhya says she will not. Friend says she knows her since years and can sense what is going in her mind, she should not lose Arjun’s friend and meet him soon for a coffee or lunch date.

Bhavri gets call on landline. Arjun picks. Aradhya speaks. He gets nervous seeing Shamsher and Munmun around. She says she wants to return his phone. She says sure and disconnects call. Shamsher asks whose call it was. He says work and leaves. Munmun says something is wrong. Shamsher asks not to taunt Arjun and asks to serve food now.

Friend asks Aradhya where are they meeting. Aradhya says he disconnected call and if he needs phone, he will call himself. Aunt informs Tilakraj that she sent message to Shamsher. He says now he will see how Bhavri’s dysnaty falls down.

Arjun enters Aradhya’s cabin and sees her having lunch and asks to finish her lunch. She says she is not hungry and stands nervously. He asks phone. She nervously picks phone and gives it to him. He says he will leave now. She says she bring extra food usually and he can share with her. He says he is hungry, but thanks. She says he will get acidity with empty stomach. He says he will have food at home and she can have it here. She says as he wishes. He says if she is frightening him with acidity, he will have it. She serves him food and they both enjoy. Shamsher watches from window and fumes.

Arjun drives his bullet reminisces meeting with Aradhya. He stops seeing Shamsher on his car and asks if his car broke down. Shamsher says car is fine, but his thinking has gone wrong and asks what was he doing with Aradhya. Arjun says he should find out himself. Shamsher throws his bike keys and says he promised Aji amma that he will not meet Aradhya but broke it. Arjun says he did not break any promise. Shamsher says he is a traitor and was having food with her. He says went to take his phone and warns not to call him traitor. Shamsher says he is traitor and holds his collar. Arjun shouts to leave his collar. Shamsher punches him and Arjun also punches him.

Veer’s constable informs him that Arjun and Shasmher are fighting on road. Munmun also informs Bhavri about same. Arjun and Shamsher continue puching and alleging each other. Veer reaches there and stops their fight. Bhavri reaches and asks what is happenign. Veer says they are proving old saying, ek anar sau beemar, and fighting for Aradhya.

Bhavri takes Arjun, Shamsher and Veer to home. Veer says they are lucky to have same age brother and he misses that and comments that Shamsher did not hit Arjun’s face. Shasmher says Arjun’s jaw is weak as he hit him a lot in childhood. Arjun says let us fight again and stand angrily and then laugh and hug each other. Veer says love is overflowing here. Aji amma laughs loudly. Mama comments that he made Bhavri laugh after a long time. Bhavri invites him for feast some day. Shamsher says let us celebrate with drinks today and takes him to his room.

Veer serves drinks to Shamsher and calls him brother. Shamsher serves him drinks in return. Veer asks if he respects aji amma a lot. Shamsher says a lot, so he is tolerating Arjun’s nonsense. Veer says he knows he fought with Arjun because Arjun spends time with Aradhya and Aradhya does not like Shamsher at all.

Precap: Inebriated Shamsher asks Veer why did he come here. Veer says to kill his whole family and he will be the first one.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Such a nice episode and what a fighting between two brothers
    The worse thing is triangle love please don’t show triangle love
    Please Director of piya rangrezz bring kirtida mistry for shamshare sing
    We have request to drictor and the team of piya rangrezz to bring kirtida mistry back
    To show us again sherda chimestry
    We love to see sherda chimestry again
    Please please please complete our request and our wish ????

    1. Mehak Kharoud

      I really agree with u
      Kirtida should come back in new avtar !!!
      She is just amazing…..

  2. Sharadha was very weak, n couldnt even fight for her love…I just hope they bring new strong character who deserves Sham.

  3. Shradha was weak not kirtida..so all sherdha fans want kirtida’s comeback opp. to gaurav in a new powerpack avtar…

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