Piya Rangrezz 13th August 2015 Written Episode Update


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Shraddha asks Bhavri to free Sher, and for that, she will pay him anything. Bhavri asks if she wants to buy Sher and asks her to leave Sher instead and says since Sher was in her womb, she is feeding him black money. Shraddha says she cannot leave her husband. Bhavri just even she cannot leave her son and says she will make Sher king of black money. She again suggests her to go and stay with her parents and she will send her so much money that she will not see poverty in her life. Shraddha stands silently. Bhravi says then stay here. Maama comes and says pandit came. Bhavri says she is performing her son’s raj Abhishek, if Shraddha changes her mind she can leave from here silently.

Pandit performs pooja and ties protection thread on Sher’s hand. Everyone attends pooja

except Shraddha, who in her room reminisces Sher promise not to touch anyone but shooting goon recently. She continues reminiscing her marriage with Sher and Bhavri asking her to silently walk out.etc… Pandit continues pooja and searches someone. Bhavri asks whom he is searching. Pandit says Sher’s wife has to attend pooja and asks to call her. She asks him to imagine his wife is sitting next to him and perform pooja. Pandit sarts pooja. HEays how can he imagine. Bhavri shows her gun and says bahu came and is sitting next to Sher. Pandit says they cannot irk godly powers. Sher says he will face powers and asks him to continue pooja. Pandit restarts pooja.

Everyone hear ghungru sound and are surprised to see Shradda coming. She picks Bhavri’s gun and gives it Bhavri’s gun back to her and then sits next to Sher for pooja. She says sher she will follow his path now and fulfill the promises she made during marriage. Bhavri laughs and says medicines are having adverse affect on her mind. Maama also laughs. Sher asks Shraddha to leave. She says she will not as pooja is incomplete without her and she will be with him always from hereon. Bhavri asks if she will sell alcohol now wearing sari and holding gun, ho will she do that. Shraddha says just like she did. Bhavri gets irked. Shraddha continues that there is a difference, Bhavri got involved in liquor business after her husband died, but she will walk with her husband now. Sher asks if she ate bhang. Shradha says he gave him 2 choices, either to leave him or be with him, so she wants to walk with him, if he does not want her to follow his path, then he should follow her loyal path, in this life, they will not separate. Sher asks her to stop her rubbish and leave.

Bhavri shouts that in her times, wife never used to speak louder in front of her husband, but Shraddha did and says Sher let Shraddha know how tough it is to run her business and says she took many risks and built her empire. She asks pandit to perform raj abhishek of both her son and daughter-in-law.

Precap: Bhavri asks Shraddha to drink alcohol if she wants to join her business. Shraddha holds glass.

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