Piya Rangrezz 12th November 2015 Written Episode Update


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Shraddha and Chanda perform pooja in a temple while Sher waits outside. Chanda then looks at Shraddha angrily and asks why did she follow her like a tail. Shraddha says Sher brought her. Chanda says he would as she is giving his child and says she is very happy today as Sher consummated their marriage and she is equal to her. Shraddha says she heard and she is happy for her. Chanda says her face does not match with her words and asks her not to anger her, else she will harm her child. Shraddha gets afraid. Chanda says she came to temple with her husband for the first time, but she came behind them instead of being at home. She picks kumum from Shraddha’s thali and says she does not it now. She further says she is very happy today, so she will forgo her mistakes. Sher enters and

asks them to continue their talks at home and come with him now.

While walking out of temple, Chanda says she was praying for Shraddha’s child that it should be healthy and they all will come here with child when he/she is born. Sher says Shraddha is with them only for 6 months, till then she should accompany Shraddha to temple and then she be bearing child’s siblings. Chanda says she will make his life colorful. Sher says she will take care of child like her own and when a time comes when she has to chose between him and child, she has to select child and child’s siblings will come after he/she comes in world and he loves this child than anyone else and nobody can take its place. Chanda panics hearing that but controls her anger. Sher walks and Shraddha follows him while Chanda stands angrily.

Chanda goes back to temple reminiscing Sher’s words and prays god that she will go to any extent to get right to her children and will kill Shraddha’s child. While walking, Sher sees Shraddha dizzy and asks what happened to her. Shraddha says she needs water. Chanda comes and asks if she is fine. Sher asks Chanda to take care of Shraddha and runs to bring water. Chanda asks Shraddha what is this new drama. She then silently pins Shraddha’s pallu in nail and smirks. Shraddha gets up and slips. Chanda smirks more but gets jealous seeing Sher holding Shradda. She starts showing fake concern again. Sher scolds Shraddha for not being alert. Shraddha says her pallu stuck in nail. Sher then scolds Chanda to take care of Shraddha and ask Shraddha again to be careful. Shraddha walks limping, holding Sher’s shoulder. Chanda panics more.

Sher brings Shraddha home holding her. Bhavri asks what is this new drama and asks Sher what happened. Sher says Shraddha got leg sprain while walking down temple. Bhavri scolds Shraddha how can she slip and massages her leg. Chanda panics more. Bhavri scolds Shraddha again that her child will also feel pain and scolds Sher why did he take Shraddha along with Chanda. Sher says he accepts his mistake, but she should stop shouting. Bhavri says interest is dearer than principal, she loves her grandson more. She asks Gajra to bring garlic oil and asks Chanda to bring haldi kesar milk. She orders mama to arrange a massager.

Chanda reminisces Sher holding Shraddha, Bhavri’s concern for her, etc. Gajra brings milk. Sher tastes it first and spits it and asks what did she add in it. Gajra says whatever he told. Massager lady enters and starts her commentry with gyaan about milk. Bhavri says she did not call her to share gyaan. She herself tastes milk and it is nice and gives it to Shraddha. She scolds mama for calling this commentator. Massager says she is best massager around. Bhavri says she has to come every morning and evening and once child is born and his/her neck stabilizes. Massager smilingly nods yes. She then gives each family member a duty to take care of Shraddha and Mama notes it on white board. She then asks Chanda to prepare food for Shraddha, let Sher taste it first and after Shraddha finishes food lock her room and return keys to Sher. Gajra and Sunehri take Shraddha in while Chanda watches jealously.

Precap: Massager says Chanda if particular nerve is pinched, pregnant woman’s baby will die. Chanda tries to pinch Shraddha’s nerve while massaging her leg.

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  1. I really like gurave….. bcz he is very handsome and dashing guy…. I love you sooooooooo much gurave….. umamamamamahhhhh….. ????

  2. This is also becoming a crap like other soaps…

  3. Oops..it’s so boring these days..I have completely stopped watching it. Good Bye

  4. Awsome epi!!!
    But reavel chanda truth plzz

  5. Its so booooring… pls stop watching this guys… melo drama just lyk any other soaps….change the track directors / writers to gain trp again….best wishes….

  6. Why do I have feeling that sher is upto something . He still cares for his first wife you can tell so why is he means to her

  7. Stop this chada drama please…….
    she is so irritating.

  8. Nice yar. …..sher
    and Shradha ek shat so cute …bhavri devi ko kya hova etni achi kab bani……and close chanda.s chapter it’s too brama
    & boring. …

  9. Nice yar. . . Chanda ki capture ko katam koro it’s really boer

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