Piya Rangrezz 12th May 2016 Written Episode Update


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Shamsher sees Aradhya sitting on floor and surprisingly asks she… She asks why is he surprised. He realizes it is his imagination. He imagines her all over room and hopes she is fine. Aradhya in police station thinks Shamsher will come and rescue her.

In the morning, Bhavri comes to Shamsher’s room with breakfast and asks why he does not believe her regarding Aradhya. He says he believes her, but also Aradhya. She asks him to bring Aradhya. Shamsher goes to police station to bail Aradhya but finds Arjun already there with lawyer, so he walks away. Constable gets out Aradhya. She thinks Shamsher came to bail her out but gets sad seeing Arjun. Arjun says he wants their misunderstanding cleared. She says she will go home alone. Aradhya reaches home. Arjun holds

her hand. Shamsher watches from balcony Aradhya freeing her hand thinks they are acting, they both came home together and now acting as fighting.

Bhavri tells Arjun that soon Shamsher and Aradhya will separate because of her plan. She tells her next plan that she and Munna will go to party office, Anjali to NGO, Munmun to paste pamphlets, so he will be alone wtih Aradhya.. Arjun says he understood. She thinks he did not understand her plan.

Shamsher asks Aradhya to go away from his house. She asks why. He says he married her forcefully and does not love her, so there is no place for her here. She thinks she loves him and cannot leave him. He continues shouting to go. She leaves. He thinks she knew nothing will happen to her and Arjun will rescue her, but why he feels pain seeing her in pain. Aradhya sadly plucks rose petals murmuring he loves me, he hates me. She thinks he hates her, but why god developed love for him in her heart. How to tell, she loves and wants to spend life with him. Anjali comes. Aradhya wipes her tears and asks to come in. Anjali says she must have felt bad as Shamsher did not come to bail her out. Aradhya says she cannot badmouth about her husband. Anjali says he is her brother, but he did wrong, she can see her tears. Aradhya says she is fine. Anjali asks to come for dinner. Aradhya says she is not hungry. Anjali says she will send her milk.

In the morning, Bhavri gets ready for party office with Munna and Shamsher. Arjun acts as having stomacache. She asks him to take rest and leaves with Munna and Shamsher. Arjun enters Aradhya’s room and starts again. She asks him to go away. He says he knows she loves Shamsher, but he will break her heart.

Bhavri reaches party office and asks Munna to give file. He asks which file. She says speech of fake promises to people. Munna says it was with Arjun. Shamsher calls Arjun, but his phone is out of reach. Bhavri asks him to go home and bring phone. He leaves and Bhavri smirks.

Aradhya tells Arjun that Shamsher loves her but does not express it. Arjun says she may be wrong, he just wants her to be happy wherever she is. Shamsher will never love her. Aradhya says Shamsher is a very nice man and she saw his goodness, so she loves him.

Precap: Arjun sees Shamsher coming and purposefuly walks via Aradhya’s room. Shamsher gets jealous seeing this.

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