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Sher is about to shoot himself when Shraddha runs and stops him. He shoots in air and says he saved her with Amma’s help and now he does not want to go back to helpless and poor life. She has 2 choice, either she has to accept him the way he is or Sumer will drop her to her parent’s house. Shraddha thinks a lot and then goes and sits in Sher’s jeep. He then sits in jeep, holds her hand and says nothing will change between them and he will not let his professional life interfere their personal lives, he will keep her happy always.

Sher reaches home with Shraddha. Gajra runs and hugs Shraddha happily and asks her to come in. Sunehri says house’s laxmi should be welcomed and asks her to bring aarti thali. She then performs aarti on Shraddha and takes her in.

Shraddha sees changes and asks what is all this. Sunehri says even she does not know.

Vikas starts his acting and touches Shraddha’s feet and asks her to bless him. He says he climbed temple stairs everyday and prayed for her life, so she came home alive today. Shraddha asks if he knows why are these changes. He says he does not know as bua/Bhavri has done it.

Bhavri enters and says good to see her alive, else her son would have become majnu. Shraddha touches her feet. Bhavri blesses her to keep her demands fulfilled and taunts that she has sher to fulfill her demands. She says this decoration is not for her and is for celebration of making her yuvraj/Sher as Azamgarh’s king as she wants to retire and let Sher take care of her business. Shraddha looks at her silently. Bhavri says what if it is illegal work.

Bhavri continues that Sher is working efficiently these days and says now she will enjoy Sher’s money and will buy jewelries. Sher says he will buy her jewelry. Aditya comes and asks if he is disturbing them. Mama says he is not as he is also partner. Aditya gives Bhavri file and says it is Sher’s clean chit file and govt has declared bridge fell due to earthquake in Azamgarh and not due to low quality cement. Shraddha reminisces Bhavri’s plan of blasting bridge. Bhavri tells Sher he was behind loyalty and could not even save his wife, but money saved his wife and even him. Shraddha tries to speak, but bhavri asks her to rest and takes her in. Maama says sher everything is fine now, so he should concentrate on his work.

Aditya gives Sher his clean chit file and says they are not rivals anyone, so they should be friends and extends his hands. Sher says he does not make friendship with chameleons and asks him to finish is work and leave and not to provoke him, else it will be bad for his bones. He says thanks and leaves.

Shraddha tells Bhavri that she heard her talking about blasting bridge. Bhavri says she is a good spy, but could not do anything even then and cannot even now, so she should keep her mouth shut. She says she won and got back her son and did not let him make joru ka gulam/wife’s puppet and will never let that happen.

Precap: Shraddha says as Sher’s wife, she will help him in his business. Bhavri asks how will she wearing sari and bangles. Shraddha says just like she did.

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