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Naani takes Aradhya and Anjali to kichen and asks Cook to do some othe work as Aradhya will prepare food today. Cook says thakur saheb will scold him. Anjali says she will tell bhaiya and sends him out. Aradhya sees brinjal and palak and thinks she has to cook this now. Naani asks her to perpare tast food and get into Shamsher’s heart. Aradhya cuts vegetables and thinks she has no other go than accepting naani idea to change Shamsher.

Cook complains Bhavri that Aradhya, Naani, and Anjali came to kitchen and send him out. Bhavri asks him to do as she says. He goes back to kitchen and tells Aradhya that Shamsher does not like brinjal and palak today and his taste changes with mood, he likes carrot halwa and bhindi any time. She reads recipe on mobile and prepares carrot halwa

and bhindi fry.

Anjali brings Bhavri to dining table and says today’s food is very tasty. Bhavri says it will be like usual one. Everyone sits. Bhavri asks where is Arjun. Anjali says she called him, but he does not want to come down. Bhavri goes to Arjun’s room and asks why he does not want to ahve food. He says he is not hungry. She starts emotional atyachar that when his father died, she broke, but thought her 2 grandsons will be her 2 hands, but get sad seeing them fighting. He melts hearing her emotional atyachar. She asks him not to fight with Shamsher until she is alive. He says okay and says let us go and have food. They both go down and join family. Bhavri fume seeing Aradhya. Anjali asks Aradhya to serve food. Bhavri asks cook to serve. Cook serves bhindi fry. Arjun sees carrot halwa and happily asks Bhavri if she prepared it. Bhavri says no and asks cook he would have informed Arjun before and asks why did he prepare bhindi when he knows Shamsher does not like it. Aradhya reminisces cook lying. Cook says Aradhya madam prepared it. Arjun says bhindi is also his favorite and thanks Aradhya and asks if she forgave him. She says she prepared food for Shamsher and not him. Shamsher shouts not to prepare food for him again and shouts to stop arguing with him. He gets up and tries to leave. Aradhya asks him not to go, she will prepare his favorite food in 2 min. He shouts not to. Arjun asks him not to misbehave with Aradhya. Shamsher shouts he does not have to interfere between him and his wife. Their argument starts and they hold each other’s collar. Arjun taunts that Shamsher got jealous when Aradhya prepared food for him. Aradhya says she prepared food for her husband and not him. Naani says Aradhya prepared food for Shamsher and not Arjun. Arjun taunts that no girl will like him. Aradhya asks him to leave and he leaves. Shamsher pushes Aradhya on floor and leaves. Bhavri taunts if anyone is hungry even now, they can take food to their room. Mama says he is full now and is going to his room.

Naani walks towards Aradhya, but Bhavri shouts at her and she goes to her room. Bhavri taunts Aradhya that whatever she tries, she will not change arrogant and beast Shamsher. She will make 2 brothers fight repeatedly. Arjun will think she prepared food for him and Shamsher will get angry and will beat her again. She continues that she made a big mistake by challenging her and should find some other way to win.

Bhavri then goes to Arjun’s room and sees him drinking alcohol. She also fills her glass and says alcohol is very tasty till they drink it and when it drinks them, then there is a problem. He asks if she needs to talk something important. Bhavri yells because of Laundiya, 2 brothers fought. Arjun says they fought because of Shamsher and not Aradhya. She says Aradhya is very stubborn and does not want to leave this house, some day their relationship will break. Arjun asks if she really thinks it will happen. She says yes and says Shamsher is tiger and Aradhya is rat, Shamsher is suffering because of her, someday he will throw her out. Aradya is not bad and is a doc, someone will hold her hand. Arjun says he knows Aradhya still loves him and is just acting as Shamsher’s wife. She says she does not know all this and wants him to concentrate on his future. He says Shamsher ruined Aradhya’s life, they both live in same room but don’t behave like couple, Aradhya distances with Shamsher as she loves Arjun. He murmurs that she will be his soon and falls asleep. Bhavri thinks laundiya will be stuck between her 2 grandsons.

Precap: Aradhya tries to leave with Arjun’s photos. Bhavri catches her red handed. Aradhya says she cannot hide her love any more and does not want to stay with Shamsher.

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  1. OMG!!!!! aradhya’s love confasion eagrly waiting for the next episode

  2. Gud now aradhya quickly marry arjun n leave shamsher

  3. I think so that aradhya is doing a drama in front of bhavri.
    But she will not leave shamsher because she have to fulfill her father’s last wish and may b she is doing this drama to confuse bhavri.
    Anyways waiting for next episode.

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