Piya Rangrezz 11th September 2015 Written Episode Update


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Bhavri sees lady wearing shawl over her face and says she does not know who she is, else she would not have dared to enter her house. Lady gets tensed. Bhavri comes near her, removes shawl, and stares at lady. She then drags lady to her room and calls her thief. Lady says she is not thief and came to check Sher. Bhavi asks how does she know Sher. Lady says she found Sher injured in jungle, so removed his bullet and saved her. Bhavri asks why was she running from her. Lady says she thought she came to kill Sher. Bhavri asks why is she staying in jungle. Lady says animals are more safer than human, earlier she used to stay in village and work as a maid. Bhavri asks her name. Lady says she can call her chanda. Bhavri gives her money and lady says she cannot accept illegal money. Bhavri

says it is her legal money and she has to accept it. Lady says she is happy seeing Sher with his family and does not need money. Bhavri asks her to accept it as she favored her. Lady says if she really wants to help her, she should give her job in her home. Bhavri agrees.

Nurse informs Bhavri that Sher gained consciousness and is asking for Shraddha. Bhavri runs and starts pampering Sher, asks how is he. He says he is fine and asks where is Shraddha. She shows him divorce papers. He gets up and removes his IV needle. Nurse asks what is he doing. Sher angrily asks what is it. Bhavri says he is educated, so can read it. He reads it. She says she slapped a divorce notice on him and left a letter. Sher reads that Shraddha is leaving his world forever. Shraddha looks from window and cries. Bhavri says Shradha was just doing drama of loving him.

Sher asks why he has to choose between amma and Shraddha, even if someone holds gangajal and tell Shaddha left him alone in this condition, he will not trust. He knows she would forced her to go. Mama asks to stop alleging his amma. Sher asks Bhavri to speak truth. He knows she forced shraddha to shoot her enemy if she wanted to be with Sher, but he came there on time. She forced Shraddha to shoot and forced her to leave. Bhavri asks him to remove his blindfold and see the reality. Sher asks Sumer to tell truth. Gajra holds Sumer’s hand and he says ammaji is telling truth.

Sher says he will find out Shraddha and she will tell truth and walks out of room calling Shraddha. Mama and Sumer try to stop him, but he continues walking and calling Shraddha’s name. He says mama he knows Shraddha cannot leave him. Mama asks him to look at shraddha’s sign on papers. Sher says even he has signed papers many times and knows how his amma is.

He asks Sumer again where is his bhabhi and asks Gajra where is her jiji. Shraddha stands behind pillar and cries. Sher says he did not expect this from both of them and calls Shraddha repeatedly. He then feels dizzy, mama and Sumer hold him and forcefully take him to his room. Shraddha runsout then, but Bhavri stops her and warns to get out.

Precap: Mama asks bhavri what if Sher will know that she forced Shraddha to leave him. She says she knows she does not leave any proof. She gets MMS pic in which she holds gun to shoot Sher. Aditya comes out and smiles. She asks what does he need.

Update Credit to: MA

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