Piya Rangrezz 11th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Piya Rangrezz 11th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Chanda imagines Sher and Shraddha romancing together. She then finds inebriated Sher in passageway who says he was on terrace drinking. She takes him to room and says he would have drank in room istelf and says she is not like Shraddha to oppose and then says alcohol was served in the place she was staying . She then mixes alcohol and says if he has any problem, he can share with her. He says he cannot share his problem with her. She takes out some powder and mixes in Sher’s glass and drops some on her stomach while giving it to Sher and wipes her stomach in front of Sher. Sher looks on and takes glass. She says a shoulder is enough to give him peace. She can be a shoulder for him. He feels dizzy after drinking alcohol and falls asleep.

In the morning, Chanda dries her

hair after bath and sprinkles water on Sher. Sher wakes up. She picks his jeans and wishes him good morning. Sher realizes that he is not wearing anything and pulls blanket on him. Chanda asks him to get ready soon while she prepares breakfast for him. He asks if he was drunk too much yesterday night. She says he was tensed yesterday and she gave him solace. He gave her wife’s right yesterday night and shyingly asks him to come down soon and leaves.

Bhavri with Chanda distributes saris to people and once Sher comes she tells him that she is happy that she is becoming daadi again, first from Shraddha and second from Chanda. Sher scolds Chanda for telling about yesterday’s night. Bhavri says Chanda did not tell anything and she realized seeing Chanda’s glowing face. She asks him to go to temple with Chanda now. He angrily walks out. Shraddha hears whole conversation and cries reminiscing her and Sher’s remonce and promises, etc. Hamari adhuri kahani…song… plays in the background.

Sher waits for Chanda in car. Chanda comes and sits next to him and apologizes for coming late. He asks if she wore seatbelt. Shraddha from behind says yes. Chanda fumes seeing Shraddha and gets panic attack.

Bhavri speaks to his client over phone. She sees Gajra and asks her where is Shraddha. Gajra says Shraddha has gone to temple with Sher and Chanda. Bhavri gets angry. Gajra asks why is she looking tensed. Bhavri shouts at her and asks to her get back to work.

Sher reaches temple venue and walks with Shradha. Chanda gets out of car and walks with Shraddha. Shraddha buys pooja thali. Chanda also takes one. Sher gives shopkeeper money, but he denies taking it. Sher says if he does not take money, his mannat will not fullfill. Shopkeeper takes money. Sher then walks on stairs with Shradha, sees bana skin on Shraddha’s way and stops her from falling. He then stands outside temple and asks them both to go and do her pooja. Shraddha enters temple. Chanda asks if he will not come. Sher says he needs to talk to god from here and sends her in. He then speaks to god’s idol that he is smiling by trapping him between 2 wives. He continues expressing his problems and says however he tries to trouble him, he will take be more strong.

Precap: Sher tells Chanda that Shraddha’s child will come in world first and then her children and he will love Shraddha’s child more.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Oh Chanda so deranged , sher can never love u…

  2. Chanda maa bhane wali hai!
    What rubbish….?
    Pehle hi pata chal gaiya usee, but i’m happy ke sher chanda se piyaar nahi ker ta.:-)
    But plz chanda ka such jaldi samne lae or bhavri ka bhi taake sher shetdha ek ho jae warna drama bohoot boring ho jae ga.plzz

  3. I hate chanda please ab ye chanda ka drama stop kro or show me kuch acha dikhao………

  4. Tasteless serial

  5. Wht the hel s going on?such a crap nd flop shw.waste of tme nt only the vwers bt the actors 2.did d director nd writer cme frm mental hosptl?

  6. Wat d hell!!!
    Stop ds nonsense..!

  7. Plzzzz bring chandas truth in front of every one

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