Piya Rangrezz 11th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Piya Rangrezz 11th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aradhya reminiscds Shamsher asking Bhavri to tranfer liquor business in his name and after she becomes MLA, he will be out on bail. Shamsher reminisces Aradhya saving him from drinking poisoned liquor, Naani tellin Aradhya kept nirjala vrat for him, Bhavri showing Aradhya and Arjun’s intimate video, etc.., and thinks if he should believe Aradhya or not.

Aradhya thinks how to save Shamsher from going to jail. She looks at money and smiles thinking she found a solution. In the morning, lawyer meets her and gives paper to get Shamsher’s sign on them. Aradhya comes in and asks if there is any problem. She stants silently. He says if she does not want to tell anything, then it is fine. She says he should not talk about papers and walks in. He thinks at least now she talked to

him, he will find out what papers she was holding.

Shamsher asks Bhavri to sign property papers in his name. She signs. He jokes if she is worried he will take all her property. She smiles. He says he will get ready to go to jail. Arjun hears that and thinks if Shamsher goes to jail, he can spend some time with Aradhya. Servant informs that police came.

Aradhya goes to shamsher’s room and asks him to sign legal documents. He signs and yells at her that he is not finding any of his thing and asks where are shoes. She points shoes. He wears and tries to leave. She thanks him and says they will meet soon. He starts shouting and yelling. She says she talked to her at least in anger. He leaves.

Munna tells Bhavri that MLA is not picking phone. Inspector says he has to arrest Bhavri. Shamsher enters and shouts at inspector. Munna asks him to behave with inspector. Shamsher says he is owner of liquor factory and ready to get arrest. Contable is about to handcuff him when Aradhya stops him and says Shamsher transferred liquor factor in her name 6 months ago. Inspector arrests her. She tells shamsher just like he cannot see Aji amma in trouble, she cannot see him in trouble, they married with 7 pheras and she will follow all her promises. Shamsher silently sees her going with police.

In the morning, Shamsher sees Aradhya’s arrest pic in news paper and gets sad. He switches on TV and sees Bhavri telling reporters that she transferred factory in her bahu’sname and she did not know aout illiegal activities. He goes to Bhavri and says Aradhya is innocent and they should get her bail. Bhavri says she agrees Aradhya is innocent, so she cannot be punished. Bhavri says Aradhya is intelligent and transferred business in her name silently. She continues brainwashing him against Aradhya and continues.. Shamsher reminisces Aradhya…Anjali stops him and asks why did he let bhabhi go to jail. If he does not have feelings for Aradhya, he should get her bailed out. She continues.

Anjali and naani meet Aradhya’s in jail…Aradhya says Shamsher will bail her out. Anjali says she is very innocent and does not know outside world properly. Naani says she is very innocent. Anjali says nani is going home as her son is ill. Aradhya takes her blessings.

Arjun comes to Aradhya’s room and asks why did not she bail out Aradhya. Bhavri says she is doing with her conscience, he can spend some time with her after bailing her out.

Precap: Constable tells Aradhya that she is bailed out. Aradhya thinks shamsher bailed her out and comes out to see Arjun there. Arjun says he wants to rectify problems between them.

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