Piya Rangrezz 11th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Piya Rangrezz 11th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mama consoles Munmun and says he can understand her condition, even he is going through same situation. Munmun says throughout the day, Manohar’s soul asks when will her killer die, but he is walking freely. Mama says he tried to assassinate Bhavri twice, but she escaped. Munmun says she will kill Bhavri and her grandsons. Mama asks her to keep her anger alive and make Bhavri’s grandsons fight with each other because of Aradhya. She says both will die for susuri/Aradhya.

Shamsher in sleep reminisces Aradhya telling she is his wife and then reminisces her meeting Arjun. He wakes up and tries to wake Aradhya, but stops seeing her sound asleep. He walks out of room angrily.

In the morning, Aradhya gets 2 lakhs from savings account and thinks she will get 3 lakhs by

selling jewelry. She goes to jeweller who says he can give her only 2.75 lakhs. Aradhya sells even her bangles and gets 3 lakhs. She then walks towards her car and feels someone is following her. She repeatedly turns and doesn ot find anyone. A man wearing shawl clashes with her and leaves. She finds a note on floor and reads that traitor goon will meet tomorrow. She leaves in car. Shamsher peeps out of shawl and thinks she is up to something. Aradhya while driving thinks she will prove her dad innocent. Shamsher overrides her car, stops her, get her out of car and asks where is she going. She says nowhere. He checks her bag and finds 5 lakhs in it and asks what is she up to, if she wants to kill him and aji amma. She says if he will believe that her dad was innocent. He twists her hand and says her dad was a criminal and it is good he died. He then throws her money from cliff and leaves laughing. She thinks how will she pay goon and get killer’s name.

Aradhya comes home sadly. She calls a broker and says she wants to sell her dad’s house and needs money tomorrow. Broker says market is down and nobody will pay such a huge amount by tomorrow. She says she needs 5 lakhs advance. He says even 5 lakhs is a huge amount and he needs 15 days at least. He then asks she is married in a rich family, then why she needs money. Aradhya says she will arrange from somewhere else and disconnects call. Munmun listens to her conversation hiding.

Bhavri gives jewelry for polishing and asks servant to bring it by tomorrow. Aradhya then goes to Bhavri’s room. Bhavri scolds her for entering without knocking door and asks why did she come. She asks if she will eat cabbage in dinner. Bhavri scolds why is she acting as worried for her and yells she has cook. Aradhya says if she eats less salt, she will be fine soon. Bhavri says she does not have to worry for her and asks to get out. Aradhya thinks she should sell Bhavri’s jewelry and get 5 lakhs. Munmun watches her and thinks what is she up to and drops Bhavri’s jewelry in her purse

Aradhya serves dinner. Naani praises her that she prepared good food for Bhavri. Munmun says let us have ice cream. Naani taunts Bhavri that her bitter mouth will become sweet today. Bhavri counterattacks Naani. Aradhya tries to leave. Munmun asks where is she going. She says she got emergency call from hospital. Munmum snatches her purse and acting as looking at it drops jewelry from purse and asks why she stole aji bua’s jewelry. Bhavri asks why did she steal jewelry and tells Nani she was trusting Aradhya and this is how she is. Naani says she disappointed her. Aradhya says she does not know how jewelry came in her bag. Munmun asks Arjun to speak as he knows Aradhya well.

Precap: Shamsher takes Aradhya to brothel and says she can earn lots of money here. Aradhya looks at him in a shock.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Why isn’t there 1 serial that is different. Same story, insiders plotting against their own, not even thinking that a so called friend could be enemy. Writers of these serials decide same storyline for all.

  2. aradhya is seriously irritating me a lot. I HATE her, y shamsher had to marry her….. 🙁

  3. it’s totally boring …..

  4. yep please kirtida come back nd make the show piya rangrezz awesome ……

  5. sorry guys to say like this but why these girls don’t have self esteem and self respect,idiotic serial.they mean that Shradda and Aaradhya are mere flesh.

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