Piya Rangrezz 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Piya Rangrezz 11th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

A girl comes to Shamsher and allges that Manohar misbehaved with her. Inebriated Shamsher asks her to get out. Girl says his whole family is criminal like his aji amma and they all have dirty blood. Shamsher strangulates her neck. Veer interferes and asks her to leave, else he will have to file chargesheet against him. Shamsher shouts he will kill Manohar today. He finds Manohar partying with his friends and starts beating him. Manohar asks what did he do. Shamsher shouts why is he creating trouble by flirting with girls. Manohar says girl is lying. Shamsher continues beating him. Manohar hides, calls mama and says Shamsher is wrongly alleging and beating him. Mama says he is not understanding a word and asks him to come home right now. Manohar says if he will die if he comes home

and disconnects call. Mama calls Shamsher, but his phone is not reachable. He gets tensed.

Arjun goes to Tilakraj’s house. Tilakraj asks how dare he is to come here, he cannot meet Aradhya. Aradhya comes out. Tilakraj asks if he is not afraid of him. Arjun says no as he came with Shamsher and aji amma. Bhavri enters with Shamsher and tells Tilakraj that she hates him even now, but loves her grandson a lot and came with a marriage proposal of his daugher and her grandson. She keeps 2 trays with a gun and bangles and asks to choose any one. Aradhya requests him to accept this proposal. Arjun says he will keep Aradhya well and will not let him complain. Tilakraj thinks he has not forgotten her slap. Bhavri thinks she will not forgive him and his daughter. Tilakraj picks bangles. Bhavri says he did good, snatches bangles and dorns it on Aradhya’s hands and says she is her bahu now. Aradhya and Arjun happily touch her feet and then Tilakraj’s. Bhavri invites Tilakraj and Aradhya for tonight party at her home and leaves smirking and thinking their bad time is not yet over.

Tilakraj hurriedly gets ready to go out. Aradhya stops him and thanks him for accepting alliance for her sake. He says he had to as alliance came from bhavri’s side firs and he can do anything for his daughter. She emotionally hugs him and says he is too good and says he can go now. He curses his fate that he is doing fake pampering to his daughter.

Manohar reaches police station and says constable that he needs to meet SP Veer Singh. Constable says he is not in cabin. Manohar holds his collar and says he is lying. Tilakraj comes just then and asks if Veer is in. Constable says yes and takes him in. Manohar thinks why Tilakraj came to meet Veer. He hides behind window and listens to Tilakraj and Veer’s conversation. Tilakraj informs Veer about Aradhya and Arjun’s alliance. Veer says he told to pour petrol on Bhavri’s family, but he is pouring water now. Tilakraj says he just wants Aradhya’s happiness and leaves asking him to forget enemity and attend engagement. Veer thinks he will not spare Bhavri so easily. Manohar’s phone rings and Veer sees him. He runs behind Manohar holding gun. Manohar calls Bhavri, but his phone falls down. Veer picks and breaks it. He calls his puppet and orders to kill Manohar.

Precap: Bhavri tells Shamsher that pandit told bhavishyavani that someone will die in 72 hours, Aradhya will die. Aradhya enters. Shamsher asks Bhavri not to worry, he has arranged everything.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. pr loss its charm now…chanda and realated chanda all character r making ths show disgusting…total wast of time..missing sherdha a lot..

  2. Please kirtida comeback

  3. Manmma nilam and mania
    You’re correct and I am agree with both of you
    We miss sherdha and now the serial is more destroy and disgusting

  4. The reason of watching the serial is just gurave s bajaj
    Otherwise I hate the serial and dirctor, writer of piya rangrezz ???

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