Piya Rangrezz 11th August 2015 Written Episode Update


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Shraddha wakes up from coma. Sunehri sees her awake and calls Gajra and Sumer. Gajra says Shraddha that she was in coma since 1 month. Shraddha asks where is Sher. They all get silent and then say he will come soon. Doc comes for checkup and asks them to leave. He then asks Shraddha how is she feeling and sees her staring at door, asks if she is waiting for someone. She says she is waiting for her husband. He says looks like they both love each other a lot and asks her to inform her husband to meet him and tells his name is Dr. Saurav Trivedi. He says get well soon and leaves.

Sunehri packs Shraddha’s bag and says she is feeling very good thinking about taking her home. Shraddha asks where is Sher. Sunehri gets tensed. Sumer comes and says hospital staff wanted her to stay

for some more days, but he insisted to discharge her. Shraddha asks again if Sher will not come. Sumer says until shew was in coma, Sher was sitting next to her all the time. Sunehri says once she reaches home, she should scold Sher.

While traveling in car, Shraddha asks Sunehri and Sumer if everything is fine at home. Sunehri says she herself can check after reaching home. Shradda hears a man shouting for help and asks Sumer to stop car. He says they should not fall in all this. Shraddha insists to reverse car, and he does. She is shocked to see Sher beating man for badmouthing Bhavri and asks if he is so dared to confront Amma in his absense and stuffing gun into his mouth. He is about to shoot when Shraddha shouts his name. He looks at her and throws man on floor. She reminisces Sher promising he will not beat anyone hereon. He goes near her and asks how is she and scolds Sumer not taking Shraddha directly home. She asks her go to home while he finishes pending work. She starts staring at him in disbelief. He asks her again to go home and orders Sumer to take her from here. Sunehri and Sumer take her from there. Sher goes back to the man and says he will set an example of a punishment for betraying his amma. He throws him on floor again and says he is sparing his life so that he can be an example for others and repay his amma’s money. He turns towards Shraddha when man sees a road next to him and tries to poke Sher with it. Shraddha sees that and shouts Sher’s name. Sher shoots man on his shoulder and says next time he will kill him.

Sher asks Shraddha to sit in car. She hesitates and looks at Sunehri who signals her to go with him. Sher starts driving and says he could not come to pick her up as he had to teach his rival a lesson. She asks him to stop. He increases speed. She gets afraid and asks why is he not stopping car and if he does not want to talk to her. He at last stops car. She gets out. He says he knows she wants to ask what is happening and why, says he is same Sher Singh, but situations have changed. He was hearing from childhood that god does good to everyone just like he sent her to him, she taught him loyalty and truth, but he realized it looks good only in cinema and not in real life. She says path is tough,but… He says it is not easy to walk on it and he realized after she fell from bridge, he did not have even a penny and had to take his amma’s support.

Shraddha says he would have let her die instead of going on wrong path. He asks what does she mean. She says he went back to wrong path because of her, it would have been if he had let her die instead. He say it is easy for her to say this, but not for him. He points gun to his forehead and says they will meet in next life now. She worriedly watches that.

Precap: Bhavri says Shradha it is good that she came back alive for her son, now she will make her son Azamgarh’s raja/king.

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