Piya Rangrezz 11th April 2016 Written Episode Update


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Bhavri sits for breakfast in the morning. Mama and Arjun start eating. Bhavri says she will not eat until Shamsher comes. Shamsher comes. Bhavri says she is very happy and wants to celebrate and asks mama to arrange party today and call all their guests. Munmun sees her happy and thinks she does not that Shamsher gave Yogesh’s wife another land. Bhavri asks Munmun to join them for breakfast. Aradhya comes down and tries to leave for hospital. Bhavri stops her and says tonight is party and she also has to work. She asks how does she feel after defeat, because of her Yogesh and lawyer died, soon all villagers of Sulem Sarai will beg including Yogesh’s son. She asks Aradhya to attend party wearing lipstick and makeup.

Munmun informs Munna that Shamsher gave land to Yogesh’s

wife in exchange of Sulem sari land. Mama says jiji will get angry on Shamsher if she hears this. Munmun says she wants them to fight and has a plan, wait and watch in tonight’s party.

Party starts. Guest congratulates Bhavri for grabbing land with lake and highway nearby. Shamsher paseses by and Bhavri calls him and introduces him as the mastermind behind her win. Shamsher sits with her and sees Arjun staring at Aradhya and having alcohol.

Munmun brings Yogesh’s wife and says she can congratulate aji bua once she comes here. Wife sees Aradhya and says she will meet her first. Munmun asks her to stand out and goes in to inform Bhavri. Shamsher clashes with Aradhya while rushing in a hurry. Guest congratulates them for together tricking sulem sarai people and grabbing their land.

Munna mama sees Yogesh’s wife and asks Munmun why did she bring this woman here. She asks him to call Bhavri aside and acting like speaking to her, bring her in front of Yogesh’s wife. He does same. Yogesh’s wife thanks her. Mama asks who is she. Woman says she is Yogesh’s wife and came to thank her for giving her another land in exchange. Bhavri says she did not give any land. Woman says Thakur saheb gave her document of river bank land. Munmun smirks seeing Bhavri fuming. Bhavri angrly looks at Aradhya. Munna asks if he should call Shamsher. She says no and she will handle this issue in her style, thinks Aradhya has started to change Shamsher.

Arjun sees Aradhya and stands in front of her and signals that she is looking beautiful. She tries to move, but he holds her hand and drags her from there. Shamsher sees that. Arjun drags Aradhya out and she asks what nonsense is this. He says sorry and says he needs 5 min to talk. She says she does not want to as he is inebriated. He says he is in his senses and says sorry for breaking her heart. He holds her hand. She asks him to leave her hand as she hates him. Shamsher comes and asks Arjun to leave Aradhya’s hand. Arjun shouts who is he to command him. Naani and Anjali come out and watch their drama. Munmun smirks standing aside. Shamsher asks Arjun to go now as he is not in his senses. Arjun starts fighting. Aradhya asks him to go. Arjun holds Shasmher’s collar. Shamsher says this is aji amma’s party and he does not have right to spoil it. Arjun tries to speak, but Aradhya asks him to leave. He leaves. Bhavri watches everything standing aside and thinks Aradhya is changing Shamsher and before she changes him completely, she has to do something. She looks at Arjun and says she found a way.

Aradhya cries sitting in a corner. Naani comes and consoles her not to cry. Aradhya says whenever she used to be tensed, she used to share her problems with her dad, now he is dead, she does not know whom to speak with. Arjun does not understand that she is Shamsher’s wife now and repeatedly troubles her. Naani says he is misbehaving with he as he knows she and Shamsher are not behaving like husband and wife and she will go back to him some day. Aradhya says she believes Shamsher as her husband. Naani asks if she knows what is Shamsher’s favorite. She says no. Naani says husband and wife’s relationship is bound with respect for each other, she should starts respecting shamsher and take care of his needs, with look even stone melts, Shamsher will also change. Aradhya says she will try. Naani asks her to start follow patni dharma from morning and she will help her.

Precap: Cook complains Bhavri that Aradhya, Naani, and Anjali came into kitchen and sent him out. She asks him to do as she says.

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  1. thanks for updating soon MA . the serial is going in a nice track eagerly waiting for next episode

  2. the episode is very nice. please MA update the episode as soon as possible.

  3. Very nice episode

  4. The episode is nice.And plz update today’s episode soon.

  5. I hate how stupid and weak Arjun has become. He was the better brother at the start of the series. Now he’s portrayed as the loser drunk and everyone is cheering on the more violent, favored brother who tried to force himself on Aaradhya earlier in the series. How disappointing, will Bhavri ever get her comeuppance?

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