Piya Rangrezz 10th September 2015 Written Episode Update


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Shraddha returns divorce papers to Bhavri. She says she knew she would sign divorce papers, now she will reward her for this. She gives papers to mama, picks bag full of money and says she will give bag full of money every month, she can marry someone else and have children and enjoy life, but should be away from Sher and even try to call him. Mama says papers are blank without sign. Bhavri checks papers and fumes. Shraddha pleads that she cannot sign divorce papers.

Bhavri says she will not let her take away her lalla. She drags Shraddha to Sher’s room, locks it and says this is my lalla who is fighting for his life. He made mistakes and she let him do it, first mistake is loving her and second is letting him marry her. It is enough now and she will kill him at once. She

points gun on Sher. Maama asks her not shoot her son. Bhavri says nobody will utter anything, Shraddha will kill her lalla slowly, so it is better for her to kill her lalla at once. She asks Shraddha if she will sign papers or not and shoots. Shraddha gets afraid and closes her eyes. she opens eyes and sees bullet on pillow and pleads Bhavri not to do this. Bhavri says she will shoot her next bullet into her Lalla’s chest and asks if she will sign papers or not. Shraddha says she will do as she says. Bhavri asks her to pack her bags and leave right now and leaves this village with her parents by morning. Sumer will drop her to her parent’s home and she can carry money. Shraddha says she will do as she says, but she should not kill Sher. Bhavri asks her to leave this village by morning.

Mama asks Bhavri why she wanted to shoot her son. Bhavri says she got her lalla after a great difficulty, why will she shoot him. If laundiya/Shraddha does not go by morning, she will kill her instead.

Shraddha cleans sher’s face with wet towel and packs her suitcase. Hamari adhuri kahani…..song… plays in the background. Nurse gives Sher injection and shraddha closes her eyes. She sleeps next to Sher’s bed and reminisces his concern for her.

A lady wearing veil enters Sher’s room and tries to touch him, but hears someone coming and hides behind sofa. Bhavri enters and touches Sher’s face and hands Lady silently slips. Bhavri senses someing walking out, but ignores. She walks out of Sher’s room but does not notice lady standing behind a pillar. Lady tries to leave, but Bhavri comes back and stops her. Lady gets tensed.

Precap: Bhavri removes lady’s veil and gets shocked seeing he face.

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  1. Who is that lady?????

  2. Who is this lady to sher? Is she got something to do with his past? Where has shardda gone? Plz upload the next episode.

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